Five people died, another six wounded in car accident in Kharkiv - details, video

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Ukraine’s internal ministry officials report the updated information on a deadly car accident in Kharkiv
10:01, 19 October 2017

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The roadster hit the crowd of people. Five of them died at the place, another six were wounded and hospitalized.

How that happened

According to the Police, a SUV drove into a crowd of people in Kharkiv. As a result, five people died, six more were injured.

The tragedy happened at about 8:45 pm at the crossing of Sumska street and Mechnykova lane. The driver of Lexus RX ran on red lights which led to a crash with Volkswagen Touareg.

“Lexus RX, with a 20-year-old woman at the wheel, was running on the red light from the Square of Constitution in the direction of Sumska street. The driver of the Lexus didn’t give priority to the Volkswagen Touareg with a 49-year-old citizen of Kharkiv at the wheel, who was heading from Bursatsky descent towards Donets-Zakharzhevskogo street. In the result of the car accident, Lexus hit the pedestrians, who lined up at the traffic lights waiting to cross Sumska street. Five people died at the scene in the result of the stroke,” reads the message of the law enforcement bodies.

Comments of Ukraine's officials

Five people died, another six wounded in a car accident in Kharkiv last night. Zoryan Shkiryak, the Internal Minister adviser, reported that on air of the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“I spoke to Oleh Bekh, the Head of Chief Department of the National Police in Kharkiv region, who has this case under his individual control. This case is also under the individual control of the Internal Minister, the head of the National Police, the Prosecutor General. I can say that there are 11 victims: five people died, I stress, five people died, 2 people are in critical condition, one of them is a pregnant woman, who is permanently in coma. Doctors are fighting for her life,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

Note that Artem Shevchenko, the director of the communications department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, also confirmed that five people died in his comments to Earlier, Shevchenko reported six people dead.

Besides, Zoryan Shkiryak noted that all the necessary investigative actions are held against the guilty persons.

“Regarding the culprit of this terrible tragedy, all the necessary investigative actions are held, the information from all cctv-cameras is being checked. It is most likely that there are two perpetrators, the driver of the Lexus and the driver of the VW Touareg, this is provisionally. Regarding the driver of the Lexus, she is detained, the court shall choose the pre-trial restrictions in the near future.”

“What about the expertise, I’d like to note that doctors drew blood samples on camera in presence of activists, in order to send the samples for the reexamination for full convincement on alcohol and drugs in the blood,” Shkiryak said.

The minister adviser assures that the case shall be investigated objectively.

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Anton Herashchenko, the internal ministry collegium member, on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel, published the video of the accident on his Facebook page, noted that the girl was already fined three times for red lights running and for speeding. 

“I’d like to declare officially, that I won’t allow any attempts to pressure or to close the case. This young woman, who is going to be found guilty in court, will be imprisoned. The fact that the girl is 20 years old and her father is a businessman won’t save her and won’t solve the problem that she will have to bear responsibility that she took five lives of Kharkiv citizens with her own hands. […] It turned out that the girl was fined for red lights running and for speeding three times over the last two years,” Herashchenko commented.

The MP Herashchenko also states that Olena Zaitseva is now in a pre-trial detention center.

“At the moment the girl cooperates with the investigation, she is reeling in shock, she states that she didn’t violate the traffic rules and was driving on the green light,” Herashchenko said.

Anton Herashchenko answered the question on the second driver:

“He got minor injuries, he will survive. He is also questioned by the investigators.”

Open source

Besides, it was found that the young driver is a stepsister of Dmytro Zaitsev, the deputy prosecutor of Cherkassy region, who had been lustrated. Larysa Sargan, the press officer of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, reported that on her Facebook page.

“It is already known that the young woman is a stepsister of Dmytro Zaitsev, the deputy prosecutor of Cherkassy region at Pshonka time, who had been lustrated. Upon preliminary information, he is wanted and he was served with charges, he is allegedly hiding in Moscow. In other words, he has zero relation to the current prosecutor’s office,” Sargan wrote.

Three victims were got operated by the surgeons at night, among them a pregnant woman. Two of them are still in critical condition. The 112 Ukraine TV channel reported that from Kharkiv.

The woman who was driving the car has been detained and later arrested.

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