Fires at Chornobyl exclusion zone extinguished, - State Ecological Inspection

Source : 112 Ukraine

The radiation background in the exclusion zone and in Kyiv is normal
15:58, 14 April 2020

Egor Firsov Facebook

The fires at Chornobyl exclusion zone are extinguished, as Acting Head of the State Ecological Inspection Yehor Firsov reported on Facebook.  

“In short, we succeeded to extinguish the fire; the rain helped a lot. The level of the radiation background constantly changes but the data we possess shows a normal level,” he wrote.

The normal radiation background in the exclusion zone and in the capital is also confirmed by data published by the State Agency on Exclusion Zone Management.

According to the agency, as of morning April 14, the dose of gamma radiation and beta radiation in the fire area and radioactively unsafe objects did not change and do not exceed the overriding criterion. According to the agency’s calculation, if the staff stays in the are of fire extinction up to 15 hours, it will not get the radiation level, which exceeds the norm.

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The state enterprise State Scientific and Technical Center on Nuclear and Radiation Safety confirms the absence of danger. As of yesterday, the concentration of cesium-137 in the air in Kyiv is twice lower than acceptable levels allowed by the regulation and has no radiologic danger. “Considering the radiologic situation, no extra measures on radiation protection outside the exclusion zone should be assumed”.

According to the State Emergency Service, on today’s morning, no open fire was spotted in the exclusion zone. The insignificant smoldering of the litter is spotted.

112 Ukraine TV channel correspondents reported that there are 10-12 km between the border of the exclusion zone and fires. The majority of the outbreaks was observed in the hard-to-reach places and the rescuers from different regions of Ukraine were involved in the fire extinction. The correspondents communicated with a rescuer from the Kirovohrad region.

“He said that it is difficult to work, to breath; they constantly wear respirators, the fire is extremely heavy. People say that the biggest part of fire area is extinguished. They use helicopters. The special equipment is involved; it paves the way for the fire vehicles. The vehicles leave the exclusion zone now and they are checked,” the correspondent said.

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According to the activists, the fire is close to the storage unit of the radioactive waste Pidlisny, literally, in a kilometer from it. This fact was commented for 112 Ukraine TV channel by member of Social Council of the State Agency on Exclusion Zone Management Yaroslav Yemelyanenko: “All storage units of the radioactive waste are concreted and I do not believe that they will burn. I do not expect the radiation hazards from this fire.”

Moreover, Yemelyanenko noted that the State Agency thinks about possible arsons in the exclusion zone: “It really looks like a continuation of the number of arsons. It really looks like a terrorist act.”

Earlier, it was reported that five hectares of forest planting in the exclusion zone have burned out. It took place as a result of the incineration of dry grass and garbage.



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