Far-right Sternenko: Who is organizer of the rally against 112 Ukraine TV channel

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Former leader of the Odesa far-right Right Sector organization Serhiy Sternenko is probably gathering an unauthorized protest outside 112 TV channel building
13:44, 15 July 2019

Former leader of the Odesa far-right Right Sector organization Serhiy Sternenko is probably gathering an unauthorized protest outside 112 TV channel building.

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Slaughtered father of three children

The Odesa radical gained real all-Ukrainian fame after May 24, 2018, he slaughtered Ivan Kuznetsov, a resident of Chornomorsk, the father of three children, and also wounded another man, Oleksandr Isaykul.

After that, the police opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 122, Part 1 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - intentional bodily harm of moderate severity and intentional murder.

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After the scuffle near Sternenko’s house, Ivan Kuznetsov, and Oleksandr Isaykul were injured and rushed to flee. However, Sternenko caught up with Kuznetsov and stabbed him a few more times with a knife, after which he died on the spot. During the agony of Kuznetsov, Sternenko and his girlfriend led the stream, streaming the death on the phone. Sternenko and his girlfriend did not make a single attempt to help the dying man.

Sternenko’s case was originally considered in the Prymorsky Court of Odesa. has counted 17 court decisions on the appointment of examinations, including the study of DNA on Sternenko’s knife. The last court decision is dated May 31, 2018.

After this, the Sternenko case was withdrawn to Kyiv, and a month later Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) took him to his office, despite the fact that the articles of criminal proceedings were not within the competence of this department. The case was actually frozen, and Sternenko was re-qualified into the status of a witness, not a participant.

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According to the sources of in SBU, Sternenko was forced to collaborate with the body. In gratitude for this, he is allegedly promised not to prolong the case on the murder article of the Criminal Code, but it would be re-qualified to “exceeding the limits of self-defense” case.

There is an option that Sternenko might be recognized as the injured party, and the death of Ivan Kuznetsov would be declared "accidental" – allegedly, he fell on a knife.

By the way, Sternenko initially admitted that he defended himself with his own knife. But then "suddenly" refused these words.

However, in addition to these criminal proceedings, several old criminal cases are listed.

Drugs, kidnapping, and looting

One of the criminal proceedings in which Sternenko appears is a suspicion of involvement of the far-right in the drug trade. For the first time Sternenko came to the attention of the staff of the Office for Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking back in 2013. That is, even before Maidan and before the moment when he entered the Right Sector and became known as the head of the Odesa branch of this organization. According to the criminal proceedings registered in the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations under number 1201716000000092 of 12/14/2017, Sternenko is suspected of several episodes of selling drugs via the Internet. According to investigators, he began this activity in 2013.

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However, in addition to suspicion of drug trafficking, the police have at least two more statements from people affected by Sternenko.

We are talking about more serious crimes - kidnapping, robbery, and extortion. It is interesting that criminal proceedings for kidnapping have already been for three years, but they are still in a “frozen” state - apparently, for “political” reasons.

According to one of the statements, Sternenko together with Ruslan D. kidnapped and tortured deputy of the Lyman village council Serhiy Scherbych in 2015. After the abduction of the deputy, they beat him with a baton and tortured with sophisticated methods - for example, they pressed Scherbych’s fingers with pliers. Also, according to the victim, he was shot several times with a traumatic pistol in the back and legs. At the same time, Scherbych was bound hand and foot.

According to one of the versions of the investigation, kidnapping Scherbych’s by the Right Sector members was ordered by his rival in elections.

According to police, the kidnappers, led by Sternenko, held Scherbych in the office of the Right Sector - on Zhukovsky Street in Odesa. After intimidation and beatings, the far-right threw out a deputy near the Suvorov court of Odesa.

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Scherbych’s statement about the abduction and torture has been suspended for three years now.

The second case of kidnapping and torture by a group of activists led by Sternenko was revealed by another Odesa citizen.

Open source

“In 2014, I was trying to sell my car, put it on an online-sale website. Some girl contacted me and asked to show the car. We met to make a test drive. Suddenly, a jeep drove up to us, several people jumped out of there. They wrung my hands, tied me up and forcibly put me in a car. I was beaten and threatened to shoot my knee if I did not pay any debt of 10,000 USD, which I supposedly had to give to their Right Sector "mate" from Bila Tserkva (Kyiv region).

Sternenko was among the people who kidnapped me. They took away my car, which I was selling, and took away all the money that I had to give to other people – 6,000 USD. They threw me out on the outskirts of Odesa, promising to shoot me - they put a gun to the back of my head. My car was later found, apparently - the kidnappers did not want to mess with it and just left it.

I have appealed to the police and the Prosecutor General. I knew some activists personally, I helped the Donbas war soldiers, and many people knew about it, so I’ve managed to contact Sternenko and arranged a meeting. He confessed in front of the witnesses, an activist Dmytro Rudy, that he kidnapped me together with some people from Kyiv, who had arrived on a tip from a man from Bila Tserkva, the buyer of my previous car. But he had a drunk car accident and decided to “reimburse” his expenses at my expense. He complained to the Kyiv “Right Sector” that he was allegedly cheated. Although I sold the car more than six months ago.

At the meeting, Sternenko promised to return the money stolen from me – 6,000 USD. But he still has not done it.

Other details of this robbery and kidnapping of the car’s seller were reported by activist Dmytro Rudy. The man himself currently lives in one of the Baltic States, as criminal proceedings against him are opened in Ukraine.

“Stas appealed to me for help - I knew him as a volunteer and a decent person. I decided to help him and after some brief questions, I went to Sternenko, who organized it. Kyiv members of the Right Sector took part in the kidnapping. Tetiana Soykina, the current head of the Right Sector of Odesa, played the role of a fake “customer”. She met the seller and asked to take a ride on it. Then the jeep pulled up and Stas was kidnapped,” Rudy says.

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By the way, May 2, 2018, Tetiana Soikina took part in a far-right rally on Preobrazhenska Street in Odesa and made an anti-Semitic speech there.

Rudy also told Strana that in 2014, being the head of the Right Sector in Odesa, Sternenko was engaged in protecting bars and kiosks.

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Sternenko was treated badly in remand prison

In 2017, Sternenko was detained and sent to the Odesa remand prison. This time, on suspicion of organizing riots, during which several policemen were injured.

According to the sources, by order of some of his detractors, Sternenko was locked into a cell with prison bitches. According to the rumors, the activist was treated badly in this cell.

“Sternenko was under the wing of very influential politicians, he is now playing the role of a“ political victim.” Therefore, killing a person, kidnapping, robbery, drug trafficking, and racketeering would most likely get away with it. All criminal episodes would be called “Kremlin intrigues,” and Sternenko would be called warm and fuzzy, a real patriot who suffered from the separatists,” one of the victims of Sternenko’s actions said.

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