Famous French historian exposes Russia's lies

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Alain Besançon, specialist in the history of Russia and the USSR belongs to the most loyal friends of Ukraine
18:03, 4 September 2017

Famous French intellectual Alain Besançon is the most consistent exposer of Russian lies. He has long and scrupulously explored not only the reasons that led to the emergence of the "evil empire" during the Moscow-Russian-Soviet-Russian history, but also the methods by which the Kremlin managed (and partially succeeds) to persuade the Western public opinion that white is actually black, then that the black is white. This was reported by Radio Liberty.

In his latest work, "Holy Russia," his sharp thought embodied in words, as if it were a scalpel, spells out the essence of Russia as a state-sect: "From the point of view of the sect, it was a perfect society. However, next to the ideal - a reality that is terrible even in the eyes of Russians. "

Alain Besançon says that the art of lies is as old as Russia itself and that this "art," according to its French predecessors, Marquis de Custine and Jules Michelet, is the main feature of Russia. The author of "Holy Russia” signs under the quotation of the latter: "Russian is a lie. The lie is in the community, a false community. The lie is in the landowner, the priest and the king ... a lie that crouches all lies. Crescendo of lies, tricks and illusions ... The tendency of such a state is that it becomes less and less of a state and more of religion ... Everyone is or wants to be holy ... A weird wish! You cannot even organize public order, the lower world! And you are claiming to be the highest world of religion. Being enemies of the Law, you want to rise above the Law, you encroach on the world of Grace! Unable to human labor, you magnify yourself as gods. "

Alain Besançon belongs to the most loyal friends of Ukraine. In one of his interviews for the French agency, he said that Ukraine is the key and condition for the existence of the Russian Empire, which collapsed along with the communist regime, and the decisive moment of this collapse is not the isolation of the Baltic states, Central Asia and the Caucasus, but a new separation of Ukraine.

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For half a century, French academic, immerging in the study of Russia and the communist regime, is investigating the Ukrainian question. This is what he wrote, for example, in 1978 in the preface to the collection "Ethnocide of Ukrainians in the USSR" about the national and linguistic situation in Ukraine: "The Soviet government began an offensive against Ukrainian language. It destroyed it outside of Ukrainian borders... It destroyed it in vulnerable places of Ukraine itself, in cities. It succeeded in russifying Kiev, Kharkov (as evidence I write Russian writing of their proper names) and other large cities - both through the immigration of Russians to Ukraine and from forcing Ukrainians to use only the Russian language in scientific and technical activities, in different public spheres of life. It tries to give Ukrainian language, which was littered by Russisms, the status of "folk" rural language, which everyone who wants to make a career must abandon."

Alain Besançon dedicated a lot of his texts to Holodomor. Such is his article " War of the Bolsheviks against the peasants. 1933 ", and the brilliant speeches made in Paris before the sad dates of commemoration of the victims of Holodomor, and the fundamental work "The Evil of the Century: on Communism, Nazism and Uniqueness of the Holocaust". In this work on one of the greatest crimes of the communist regime, he emphasized that the goal of Holodomor was not in the wish to end any resistance of the peasantry, because collectivization had already broken it, "but to end the national existence of the Ukrainian people. On this occasion, it was written about genocide, and it is true."

His words, said in an interview with the Polish edition about the beginning of Russia's occupation of Ukraine became reality: "Russian soldier is on the horizon. He likes to steal, rape, kill. With that enemy, Europe may not be able to cope. "

As it was reported earlier Putin attempted to make French Queen Anne de Kiev Russian while she is originally from Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin in Paris On May 30said that “the enlightened French public knows about the Russian Anna, queen of France, the younger daughter of our Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise who was the wife of Henry I and who made a significant contribution to the development of France being one of the founders of a minimum of two European dynasties.” Dmitry Shimkiv, the deputy head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration, responded on Facebook by pointing out the “my dear French friends, the Russian president has tried to confuse you: Anna of Kyiv, the queen of France, was from Kyiv and not from Moscow.” Indeed, “at that time, Moscow didn’t even exist.”

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