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As of the morning of March 3, 3,117 people died from the virus, 90,937 cases of infection were confirmed
21:12, 3 March 2020

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This story began a few months ago and, unfortunately, it is still going on. A new coronavirus was discovered in China, which later spread outside the country.

As of the morning of March 3, 3,117 people died from the virus, 90,937 cases of infection were confirmed. In Ukraine, the first case of infection is also recorded.

The Chinese authorities have taken unprecedented measures to stop the spread of the virus, but it has escaped and made its way to other countries.

Against the background of all these events, a wave of fake information swept across the countries, which, as a result, further exacerbated the serious panic.

So let's deal with the most popular fake releases.

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Frightening bananas

In several countries, including Ukraine, people in social media have spread information that one might get infected with coronavirus through bananas or other fruits.

The Chinese media reportedly referred to it.

No one confirmed this. In addition, according to the BBC, the message has incorrectly named a strain of the virus.

Horrible parcels

People started to scare each other that a virus could get to you from China in AliExpress parcel. Many believed the fake news site UaReview that Ukrposhta would burn all parcels from China.

According to doctors, it is almost impossible to get infected from a parcel from China. The fact is that the virus simply cannot survive in the parcel for the duration of delivery.

In parallel, AliExpress claimed sanitary processing of all parcels. And in general, no cases of contamination from parcels have yet been registered.

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Salt would rescue you

Rinse your throat with a salt solution and you will be saved from infection. It is believed that the author of this theory is one of the Chinese pulmonologists.

At the same time, as the BBC specifies, one pulmonologist spoke only about the benefits of prevention and hygiene procedures.

As a result, social media users posted about magic salt.

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It was claimed that salt would kill the bacteria and the virus itself since it lingers in the nasopharynx after infection.

In fact, the virus can enter the body not only through the respiratory tract.

Plus. One of the WHO representatives has already stated that the information is fake. No other information has been reported yet.

The Sun

The killing of infected in China

Various photos of armed men in protective suits appeared on the web. These publications were accompanied by reports that it is so eliminating the infected. There was no confirmation of this information by China or by foreigners.

Coronavirus was developed specifically

There are many variants. For people to be specifically vaccinated, for example. Or this is how the Americans "punish naughty countries."

Some of the distributors referred to alleged patents for developing viruses in the United States. Although in fact, as DW explained, we are talking about patents for vaccines, not viruses.

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The rest is nothing to comment on.

Drinking will save your

In general, this is like a regular fake. But still, the message was quite popular.

In general, in order to escape from infection, men (and they, based on such reports, are allegedly most susceptible to attack by the virus) should drink at least 250 grams of vodka, whiskey or cognac every night.

Alcohol harms immunity. This is a known fact, and almost every doctor can tell you this in detail. There were no confirmed benefits of alcohol in the fight against coronavirus.

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