Every person is a skater in heart, or How to make Kyiv residents stay at home without lockdown

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Ice rains created super ice-slick but people found ways to enjoy even such weather: skating, hockey, you name it
15:21, 11 December 2020

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No, seriously. Many people have no idea what hidden talents they have. To find it out, however, you have to get into and survive an extreme situation. But we live in Ukraine, so there has never been any shortage of such situations.

Going to and from work is usually a pretty boring thing to do. In the morning you wake up, do all the necessary rituals, and then sadly, with thoughts of a warm bed, you trudge to a place where you will spend time until the evening. There are a lot of such boring walkers around you, who slowly move to their destination, on the way going into themselves or into the music in their headphones or just reading something.

Then the trip home. Just as boring. But, with fatigue added to the general boredom.

BUT THE ICE STREET CHANGES IT ALL! Then getting somewhere becomes much more interesting. No boredom, all sleepiness, if you had one, is gone, you are cheerful, attentive and ready to work miracles.

Drivers, for example, can turn on some themed music. For example, this one:

Arrange a drift. Try to get home while shouting “Watch this, Vin Diesel!” setting yourself the task of reaching the destination before your birthday, which is only a few months away.

Pedestrians. They can go out and make sure that with the right motivation, they can do anything. They can even get to the store across the street, even if it takes an hour and a half and about 15-20 falls on different parts of the body. Not to mention going to or from work, the heroism of which is difficult to overestimate:

The Revenant movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio
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Something similar happened yesterday in Kyiv. And, continues today with a somewhat lower difficulty level. During yesterday there was a freezing rain that turned Kyiv into one big skating rink.

Time for interesting infographics

So the people of Kyiv set off for a big and interesting adventure:


...and drivers had their Kyiv drift 

Parking was challenging:

However, as I said above, someone really took what was happening as an adventure. For instance:


Someone just adjusted to the situation and went for a walk on a winter evening along Andriivsky Descent. One walks how can:

There will be a few conclusions. Firsty, really, sometimes we do not fully understand how many hidden talents we have. Have you known until yesterday that you might perform single or double Axel on par with professional skaters? All right, now, you know.

Secondly, according to today's situation and emptiness on many streets, we got to know by a sudden poke, how to introduce the lockdown in a particular territory. We need a lot of water, subfreezing temperature and many buckets. If it comes down to this, I will deny I ever said that.

Internet Troll was on air. Take care of yourself!

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