Elevation of the Holy Cross and Smiley's Birthday: September's main dates

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Detailed calendar of holidays, weekends and memorable dates of September 2020
20:00, 31 August 2020

September 2019
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The last month of summer is coming to an end, so we are getting ready to welcome the first month of the autumn - September. This month is full of new holidays, memorable dates, and, of course, weekends. Let us tell about this in detail.

Eight days off

The first month of autumn will not please Ukrainians with official public holidays. So for a legal holiday in September 2020, we will only have traditional Saturdays and Sundays.

So the autumn will begin for Ukrainians with twenty-two working days and eight days off.

September 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 are the days off (Saturdays and Sundays).

Anniversary of the outbreak of World War II and more

Autumn traditionally begins with the International Day of Knowledge, which is celebrated in Ukraine on September 1.

In addition, in 2020, September 1 is a date of the 81st anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. On this day in 1939 German troops attacked Poland. 

The day of the end of World War II is considered to be the main holiday on September 2.

The basis for the holiday is considered to be the "Act of Japan's unconditional surrender", signed on September 2, 1945 on board of American flagship battleship Missouri. According to the Act, Japan's hostilities were to stop immediately, which served the complete and final end of World War II. 

On September 4, 1991, a yellow-blue flag was raised over the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the first time after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
One the next day, September 5, Ukrainians and also residents of other countries, will celebrate the International Day of Charity.

Further, on September 8, International Literacy Day and Journalists Solidarity Day are celebrated.

September 9 is considered to be the day of beauty all over the world. In 2019, on this day, Ukrainians will also celebrate the Day of the Tester and the Day of the Graphic Designer. 

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

On September 12, Ukraine will celebrate Programmer's Day. It is noteworthy that this date is celebrated in more than 20 countries, including Germany, Brazil, India, Israel and the United States.

On the second Saturday of September (in 2020, this is September 12), Ukrainians celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Cinema, as well as the Day of Physical Education and Sports. 

September 13 - Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day, as well as the Day of Tankman

International Day of Democracy falls for September 15.

On September 16 - HR Manager's Day. 

And on September 17, Ukraine annually celebrates the Day of the Rescuer.

September 19 - Pharmaceutical Worker Day and Inventor Day. An unusual holiday also falls on September 19 - the Birthday of the Smiley.

In 1982, Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott Fahlman first offered using three consecutive symbols (colon, hyphen, and closing parenthesis) to represent a "smiling face" in text that is typed on a computer. This was a major addition to the electronic lexicon.

September 21 - International Day of Peace.

September 27 - World Tourism Day, Mechanical Engineer's Day, as well as Educator's Day.

September 29 - Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Babi Yar.

Babi Yar is an area on the northwestern outskirts of Kyiv, one of the world-famous tragic sites that has become a symbol of the Holocaust. In two days, on September 29 and 30, 1941, according to official historical evidence, almost 34,000 Jews were shot dead there. According to other sources, in just five days, the Nazis killed almost 15,000 Ukrainian Jews. 

International Day of Translators is celebrated on September 30, and the Day of Libraries is also celebrated in Ukraine.

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