Education minister explains to Austria Ukrainian attitude to education law

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Grynevych claimed that the Ukrainian language will not push out the languages of the national minorities
19:03, 23 October 2017

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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine explained the attitude of Ukraine on the new ‘Law on Education’ to Austria that will preside over the EU Council. Minister of Education of Ukraine Liliia Grynevych met the Ambassador of Austria to Ukraine Hermine Poppeller as the website of the Education Ministry reported.

According to the Education Ministry, it is important to dispell a myth on the language article of the law ‘On Education’ that was expanded at the EU establishment and the EU Council.

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The minister emphasized that the negotiations on the implementation of the language article on the national minorities in Ukraine still continue and the representatives of the proper countries are involved in the talks.

‘Their main fear is that the Ukrainian language will push out their native language. But it is not our aim. The children will study in their native language at the primary school but the usage of the state language will be extended from the secondary school through the bilingual education and studying of the certain subjects. The article is too general and we plan to clearly specify it at the law ‘On general secondary education’ and decrees of the Ukrainian government. It is one of the facts that disturb our European partners as we do not have such documents yet. At the moment we started the consultations with them. We achieved the certain agreement with all of them, we agreed on the signing of the documents on the result of the negotiations with Poland and Hungary. The importance of the state language as the factor of the public perception and the agreement of the education programs with the national minorities will be recorded in the documents’, Grynevych said.

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The Ambassador of Austria emphasized the importance of the consultations with the representatives of the national minorities to de-escalate tension and added that she will pass the attitude of the Ukrainian Education Ministry.

‘I understand the importance of the language in the situation of Ukraine. Also, the state language is really important for the chances of the child. At the same time, we should understand that the native language is the delicate issue that is connected with the identity. It is necessary to go gently on such things. It is important to find the qualitative decisions’, the Ambassador of Austria noted.

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The Parliamentarian Assembly of the Council of Europe approved the resolution on the Ukrainian education law on October 12. They urged the Ukrainian authorities to listen to the recommendations of the Venice Commission and to work ou a more flexible model of the bilateral education, taking into account the interests of those who belong to the core national and the national minorities.

Earlier Hungary reported on the refuse to support the rapprochement of Ukraine and the EU until the education law will not be changed. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin noted that he explained the details of the document that is the main issue of the protest of Budapest during the meeting with his Hungarian colleague.

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