Death of bodyguard and passer-by: Details of assassination attempt on Mosiychuk

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How the explosion happened, who was injured and what are the versions of yesterday's attempt on the MP from the Radical Party Ihor Mosiychuk
12:59, 26 October 2017

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Last night, an explosion occurred near one of the Kyiv TV channels. As a result, the people's deputy Ihor Mosiychuk was wounded, and his bodyguard, who pushed away the representative of the Radical Party during the explosion, was killed. In addition, a casual passer-by was the victim of the attack.

What happened

- The explosion on Mickiewicz street was reported to the police at 22:05 on October 26.

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- The press service of Ihor Mosiychuk was the first to report about the explosion. In a message on his page, the explosion was described as aimed.

- According to the head of the communication department of the Kyiv police Oksana Blyschyk, a car exploded under the building of the TV channel.

- Press secretary of Mosiychuk Anna Senyk quoted witnesses who specified that the car was parked under the television channel before the arrival of the People's Deputy to the program. "The explosion occurred exactly at the moment when he came up to the stairs," she said.  

- At the same time, the first deputy prosecutor of Kyiv Pavlo Kononenko on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel said that the explosive device was laid in a scooter. According to him, the investigation started under article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, whose component element of a crime includes an attempt on the life of a statesman.

- According to Zoryan Shkiryak, the adviser to the Interior Minister, the explosion was qualified as a terrorist attack and was transferred to the Security Service of Ukraine.

- According to the guest editor of the TV channel, near which the explosion happened, the guards saw a scooter that exploded on the monitor.

- One of the witnesses said that as a result of the explosion, a car and a motorcycle were damaged.

- In the end, law enforcement officers found that the explosion occurred in a parked scooter.

Victims and injured

- As a result of the explosion, two people were killed. There were five people who suffered in the incident. The wounded are currently in serious condition.

- People who died: the bodyguard of Mosiychuk Ruslan Kushnir and the former Interior Ministry employee Mikhaylo Mormel. Ihor Mosiychuk specified that Kushnir pushed him away during the explosion, actually sacrificing himself. At today's joint briefing, representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the SBU explained that Kushnir was an employee of the special purpose regiment №1.  

- According to the MP and board member of the Internal Ministry Anton Herashchenko, Mormel was a lieutenant colonel of the police, after dismissal from the bodies he was engaged in private practice. People's Deputy specified that the person who died was actually "a random passer-by who was returning home."

- Among the injured: the well-known political scientist Vitaliy Bala. The doctors performed a successful operation, saying that his "internal organs were damaged incredibly bad."

- Mosiychuk himself told about his condition. He said that after an operation ha had at night, his condition stabilized. According to the People's Deputy, he spent four hours on the operating table, doctors extracted a lot of fragments from his body.


Mosiychuk thinks that the terrorist action has ‘the Moscow origin’.

- According to Anton Herashchenko, the organizers of the assassination attempt on Mosiychuk ‘can be involved in other terrorist actions’. ‘I think there are the chances that we will solve this terrorist action and other terrorist actions because it is not excluded that the same group that attempted on Mosiychuk can be involved in other the terrorist actions’, the counselor of the minister of internal affairs supposed.

- Counselor of Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Varchenko thinks that head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov can be interested in the murder of Mosiychuk because ‘he threatened Mosiychuk with murder in 2014’.

- Leader of ‘Radykalna Party’ Oleh Lyashko claimed that the assassination attempt on Mosiychuk can be organized by the political opponents.

- Non-regular Counselor of Head of the State Security Administration Oleksandr Zagoruiko supposed that the assassination attempt can be connected with the political activity of the MP. ‘Possibly it is a revenge and I do not think that it can be some inner political conflicts’, he specified.

- Three main hypotheses of the investigation were announced at the briefing of the Prosecutor General’s Office and Security Service of Ukraine: the assassination attempt of the special services of Russia, political activity and the assassination attempt on personal grounds.

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