Criminal proceeding against Kozak for NEWSONE telecast is political repressions of authority

Author : Opposition platform For life

Source : 112 Ukraine

NEWSONE TV channel planned to hold telecast with Russia24 TV channel on July 12 but canceled it due to the mass threats to the channel’s staff
18:51, 12 July 2019

Opposition Platform - For Life
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President Zelensky uses the political repressions in the fight against independent media in the best tradition of his predecessor Poroshenko. Thus, the telecast between the Ukrainians and Russians announced by NEWSONE is the telecast without policy and politicians became the reason for opening of the criminal proceeding against Taras Kozak by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine due to “attempt at the commitment of state treason by provision of the information support of the subversive activity against Ukraine”.

The accusation of the owner and workers of the TV channel of the subversive anti-Ukrainian activity only based on the announcement of the holding of the non-political TV format is the know-how of the stare repressive machine headed by Prosecutor General Lutsenko. It is not clear how, not knowing the content of the telecast, partakers, the Prosecutor General’s Office, represented by its head, was able to establish the presence of signs of the attempt at the state treason.

The summoning for questioning of the owner of the TV channel within this proceeding looks even more ridiculous, while he, according to Article 5, Ukraine’s Law “On TV and Radio broadcasting” has no right to interfere in the editorial policy of the TV channel.

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Notably, the Prosecutor General’s Office failed to explain how the holding of such telecast by the channel may possess the signs of the state treason.

However, the very fact of sending the TV channel's owner a summon for interrogation shows that there's an attempt to apply pressure on the independent media and the editorial policy of the TV channel.

Such actions of the government show that the offensive is taking place against the constitutional rights of citizens: freedom of speech, free expression of personal views.

Besides, the criminal proceeding against MP Taras Kozak (member of Opposition Platform - For Life party), initiated by the Prosecutor General's Office shows that [Volodymyr] Zelensky's team is waging a dirty struggle against political opponents. The synchronous statements made by Zelensky and Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko could mean that the old and the new governments cooperate.

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It is absolutely obvious that those in power fear the just criticism and non-biased evaluations of journalists of NEWSONE TV channel. They fear that the people will learn the truth, not the fancy lies about the current state of affairs in the country. Thus, they seek every opportunity to shut down the media, the editorial policy of which foresees pluralism of views and ideological diversity.

The 50 days of Zelensky's presidency showed that he has been walking the path from democracy to dictatorship even faster than [Petro] Poroshenko. The ban to hold the telecast, a way of humanitarian dialogue between Ukrainians and Russians is a manifestation of damaged politics of the dense Russophobia, the politics that Poroshenko regime has been imposing on the people for five years. It's the same politics that president Zelensky is about to conduct now.

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