Crimean occupation govt wants to negotiate with Ukraine on renewing water supplies

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Negotiations with Kyiv over water supply from Dnipro River to Crimea "would help solve many issues" of the northern part of the peninsula, - Crimean officials
10:40, 15 August 2019

Land improvement canal for irrigation and watering of Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine, and the Crimean Peninsula
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Negotiations with Kyiv over water supply from Dnipro River to Crimea "would help solve many issues" of the northern part of the peninsula. This is the opinion of Georgy Muradov, the so-called "Permanent Representative of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation."

He asks Russia to start negotiations on this issue: "We would like to ask for help to start a negotiation process with the Ukrainian side to let our water into Crimea." Muradov emphasizes that "this is not the water of Dnipro River, which belongs to Ukraine, it is our water coming from the territory of the Russian Federation."

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Ukraine's response to the negotiations

Anton Korinevych, President of Ukraine's Envoy in Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The response Anton Korinevych Representative of the President in Crimea:

Crimea is the territory of Ukraine. Crimea is not the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the Russian Federation cannot raise issues related to Crimea in interstate relations. Issues related to Crimea can be raised only by a sovereign state, that is, Ukraine.

Dnipro River does not flow through the territory of Crimea. Ukraine did not block the Dnipro River but blocked the technological structure (canal), which is located on the territory of Ukraine. Ukraine has every right to do this.

By all accounts, there is enough freshwater in Crimea to meet the needs of the population. In general, it is the occupying state that should be responsible for providing the occupied territory with all necessary resources.

Refat Chubarov

Refat Chubarov, the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, recalled that the cessation of water supplies, and then the commodity blockade and the cessation of electricity supplies "cost Russian occupants the annual maintenance of Crimea by several billion dollars."

"Therefore, do not plan (even hypothetically) to discuss the topic of a possible supply of water, electricity or the restoration of railway communication between mainland Ukraine and Crimea, if you separate this topic from unconditional, complete and immediate de-occupation of Crimea and the restoration of Ukraine’s state sovereignty over Crimean peninsula and the adjacent waters of the Black and Azov Seas," Chubarov said.

Mykhailo Yatsyuk, the deputy director of the Institute for Water Problems and Land Reclamation, said in a commentary to Krym.Realii:

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“Russian officials confuse something when they say that their water should be given to Crimea. They don’t really know the geography and hydrology, that Dnipro doesn’t flow into Crimea - it was supplied with the help of hydraulic structures of the North Crimean Canal. Secondly, water cannot be divided into theirs and ours. It cannot be said who invests more resources in Dnipro’s water supply – Russia or Ukraine.”

Two months ago, Crimea allegedly did not need this water. At least, this is exactly what Vladimir Konstantinov, “speaker of the Crimean parliament,” declared in June.

"We don’t need water from Ukraine. It is terribly polluted. Experts recently told me that the water that entered Crimea contributed to the growth of oncological diseases. Nobody controls the flow... Let them deal with their problems now."

A similar statement was made in January by Yefim Fuchs, "first vice-speaker of the Crimean parliament."

"The Crimeans do not need water supplies, moreover, at this price. Let the Kyiv authorities drink their own water, and we can successfully cope with water supply in our region, especially since the weather helps us with this," RIA Novosti quoted him.

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Let us make a small historical digression

Ukraine provided up to 85% of Crimea's freshwater needs through the North Crimean Canal, connecting the main channel of Dnipro with the peninsula.

Water supplies to the peninsula were discontinued after the Russian annexation of the peninsula.

Crimea is looking for some solutions now.

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In June, Vladimir Bazhenov, general director of the Voda Kryma enterprise, stated that in the summer the peninsula suffers from "an acute shortage of Dnipro water." According to him, without a solution to the problem of water supply, Crimea will not last long, since underground water supplies will sooner or later run out.

Along the way, there are proposals from both politicians and scientists.

For example, the former mayor of Moscow, Yuriy Luzhkov, earlier proposed supplying the annexed peninsula with Dnipro water through supplies from the Krasnodar Territory, following the example of a gas pipeline and an energy bridge (this idea, by the way, was already criticized by hydrologists because of its scale).

The media also publish various ideas scientists (they propose to desalinate seawater).

At the moment, Georgiy Tuka, the representative of Ukraine’s President in Crimea, as well as the deputy head of the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs, outlined the position.

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“We do not care about the appeals of the pseudo-authorities of Crimea, Ukraine has its own position. But there are enough drinking supplies for the civilian population. It is difficult for me to predict how the situation will develop further, but first of all, the lack of water supply influence agricultural enterprises, industry and military units of the Russian Federation, which are located in Crimea. And nobody is going to give them water."

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