Covid-certificates for trains and cafes: What rules come into force on October 21

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Dissection of official agencies wording on what documents will be valid during inspections in public places
17:56, 20 October 2021

New rules for interregional trains and buses will come into force in Ukraine on October 21. The conductor will now ask passengers for a document confirming vaccination or a PCR test.

In addition, the police will start checking certificates in crowded places on October 21. This applies to shopping malls, restaurants and other establishments subject to restrictions.

Where to get a vaccination document and what it should look like for those who do not have the Diya app or it did not work.

How to get to the Ukrzaliznytsia train or a bus

Starting on October 21, Ukrainians without vaccination certificates or negative PCR tests will not be allowed on planes, trains and interregional buses.

Before boarding the train, passengers over 18 must show the following documents to conductors or drivers:

  • vaccination certificate (international, domestic or foreign vaccination certificate from Covid-19);
  • document conforming receiving at least one vaccine dose;
  • negative PCR test result;
  • negative result of the rapid test for antigen.

(!) What to do to those who do not have the Diya app? First Ukrzaliznytsia wrote on Facebook that for boarding the train you can not use information about vaccinations in But soon in the comments under the post clarified that it will be possible to show the original of the form № 063/о about vaccination (card of preventive vaccinations) with three wet seals (one from the doctor, two at the reception). This paper document is only available at the family doctor. The option is suitable for those Ukrainians who do not have neither a biometric foreign passport to obtain a paper international certificate at the clinic, nor an ID card or for some reason the code certificate does not generate in the Diya application.

What to do to those who recovered from a coronavirus infection? Currently, the Covid-certificate of recovery is being tested and is not basis for travel. Citizens will be able to use such a certificate in the Diya app when it becomes available.

What to do to people with contraindications? There is no approved help form about contraindication to vaccination against coronavirus yet. Decree № 1236 does not stipulate that citizens may present a document on contraindications to vaccination during interregional trips. The Ministry of Healthcare advises this category of citizens to do PCR or rapid tests.

The conductor has the right not to allow a passenger to travel without the necessary documents. The conductors will have samples by which they will compare documents provided by passengers. In case of non-compliance by passengers with the rules, the train crew is obliged to inform the police.

Refunds for tickets in case of refusal are made in accordance with the Rules of Carriage of Passengers.

Where will the police raids be

The authenticity of certificates of vaccination of citizens will be checked starting from October 21 as well.These checks will be selective.

Verification of certificates in Kherson
National Police in Kherson region

State Food and Consumer Services and Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the ground employees, as well as the patrol police have the appropriate authority.

The inspection will be carried out in places with large crowds of people:

  • in public interregional transport;
  • catering establishments;
  • in the markets;
  • trading platforms.

How exactly will they check. The police will have tablets with software to scan and verify digital Covid-certificates in the Diya app and paper documents/certificates. Paper vaccination certificates are required to contain such details: information about the type of vaccination, the number of doses, signature of doctors and the seal  of the health care institution. All data on vaccination of citizens are already in the register, which is also connected to international databases.

Responsibility. The responsibility for the unvaccinated passenger will lie on the carrier. If in the store a mobile team finds unvaccinated buyers or people without a valid coronavirus test, the report will be drawn up on the store owner. The protocol is sent to court. If it is not considered within three months (Art. 44-3 ALCO), the protocol becomes invalid.

In addition, a penalty is foreseen for the manufacture and sale of forged documentation - from a fine of $650 to five years in prison. For the use of forged certificates - a fine of $32 to restriction of liberty for up to two years.

Different requirements for color areas

The press secretary of the head of the National Police Mariana Reva clarified that the quarantine rules differ depending on the color of the region, Ukrinform reports.

For example, in a red zone it is forbidden for persons who do not have a vaccination certificate to be in catering, leisure facilities, shopping malls, non-food markets institutions. These places will be heavily patrolled by raid groups.

As of today, five areas are in the red quarantine zone in Ukraine. These are Kherson, Zaporizhia, Odesa, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

When asked about such inspections in the orange zones, Reva clarified that it all depends on which region we are talking about.

"It all depends on what area is in which zone. The simplest way is to say: these are red zones, because there is a strictly defined list [of quarantine restrictions], many things that are prohibited. Only if people have the appropriate documents proving their Covid safety. If it is an orange zone, then there is a specific commission on technogenic and environmental safety and emergencies that needs to be watched because they can strengthen the quarantine at their own discretion," she said.

At the regional level, local commissions on technogenic and environmental safety and emergencies may impose restrictions that already apply to the red zone. In each specific area, raid teams will be guided by local rules. For example, in Lviv local authorities have introduced a lockdown, although the city is in the orange zone.

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