Covid-19 vaccine Incentives: Ukraine to pay 40 USD each fully vaccinated person

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It will be given in the form of certificates and bonuses for the gym, cinema, theater, museum, and tickets for travel
20:18, 16 November 2021


President  Zelensky has promised to pay a thousand hryvnia (40 USD) from December 19 to everyone who receives the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. However, it will be given in the form of certificates and bonuses for the gym, cinema, theater, museum, and tickets for travel.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is not the first country to try to expand its vaccination campaign with financial rewards. Doubters tried to lure over to the side of the vaccinated in the USA, Canada, Australia, and European countries.

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Kebab vaccination in Britain

The UK has offered free Uber and Bolt cab rides, movie tickets, and fast food delivery from Deliveroo (called the "kebab shot" by the tabloids) as part of popularizing vaccinations among young people.

Uber sent out notifications in August calling for vaccinations, and offered Uber Eats travel and food discounts for young people who received the shot.

Bolt offered vouchers for people attending vaccination centers, contests on social media. Deliveroo offered vouchers to young people who received the vaccine, Pizza Pilgrims joined a similar offering.

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Millions of lotteries and free beer in the USA

The US state of California has launched a program under the slogan "Get the vaccine, get paid." People got $ 50 cards or amusement park tickets.

The card was available to all residents of California over 12 years old who began vaccination between May 27 and July 18. Those who were vaccinated earlier were not covered by the program.

19 states held million dollar lotteries. The first was Ohio, where in May they began a 15-day Vax-a-Million program for residents 18 years and older. A week after the announcement, the state said vaccination rates had increased by 106%. It inspired 18 other states, including New York, California, and Michigan. However, according to a study by JAMA But, none of the state lotteries have led to a noticeable increase in the number of vaccinations.

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The success of the Vax-a-Million led to the launch of the Ohio Vax-2-School, a raffle involving five $ 100K scholarships and 150 $ 10K scholarships for residents under 25.

In late July, US President Joe Biden called on states to pay $ 100 each to newly vaccinated people in an effort to address declining vaccinations. As a result, many states listened to the advice, and the program was extended until November 30, namely:

in Arkansas, officials vaccinated with at least one dose of vaccine before July 1 receive a $ 100 bonus. From May 26, vaccinated Arkansas residents can receive a fishing/hunting certificate or lottery ticket;

Colorado ran a lottery and every week identified one vaccinated person who won a million dollars. All residents over 18 years of age who have received at least one dose of the vaccine are automatically included in the drawing. They also offered $ 100 Walmart gift cards and $ 50 Colorado Parks and Wildlife vouchers;

Connecticut has been offering free drinks to vaccinated restaurant diners since May 19;

Chicago gives everyone who gets their first dose of vaccine a $ 100 Visa card;

In Louisiana, children 5 years and older are eligible for a $ 100 incentive program, which is also available for adults who receive their first shot;

in Maine, children can win a prize of $ 50,000, $ 25,000, or $ 10,000 for their school by filming a video calling for the vaccine;

Minnesota has the Kids Deserve a Vaccine program, which offers children 12-17 years old a $ 200 gift card and a chance to win a scholarship;

in New York, you can get $ 100 or tickets for sightseeing;

New Jersey ran a Shot and a Beer in May: Any resident who brought their vaccination card to the brewery received free beer.

However, several months of trying to convince doubters with prizes, these incentives did not significantly advance the vaccination campaign.

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Lotteries with impressive prizes in Canada

Canada, like the United States, has also been running a lottery game since June with prizes of up to $ 2 million. Each province offers its own financial incentives:

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Manitoba became the first province to offer a lottery with nearly $ 2 million in prize money, including 10 scholarships of $ 25,000 for teens. In the five days after the lottery was announced, the number of vaccination entries increased. The lottery has achieved a key goal;

over the summer, Alberta ran three $ 1 million lotteries for vaccinated residents. The runners-up included VIP packages for sporting events, all-inclusive vacations, domestic and international flights, and train tickets. The number of those who received the first vaccine increased from 2.6 million to 2.8 million.


A fully vaccinated Sydney girl became a millionaire after winning the Million Dollar Vaccination Lottery.

Student Joanne Zhu, 25, has been declared the winner. She planned to spend some of the winnings on her family's flight from China to Australia to visit her. In total, more than 2.7 million Australians have registered.

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Small bonuses in Europe

Most European countries favor small prizes instead of large cash prizes to dissuade vaccine doubters.

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Greece has issued vouchers for 150 euros to people between the ages of 18 and 25 after they receive their first dose. They could use coupons to travel, stay in hotels or campgrounds, attend concerts, go to the movies, and pay for tickets to other cultural events.

In Romania, mini-kebabs (a local specialty called "michi") were distributed to those who were vaccinated.

In Sonnenberg, Germany, in southern Thuringia, the offer of free sausages has forced locals to line up to get vaccinated. And in Berlin, they hired a DJ to play in one of the vaccination centers at night to convince young people to get vaccinated.

In Sweden, scientists from the University of Lund conducted an experiment in which they offered 100 Swedish kronor (11 USD) for vaccinations. It turned out that this is enough to push people to get the vaccine.

Small monetary incentives boosted vaccinations by 4 percentage points, according to the study. In total, about 8,000 study participants received one of four different stimuli. Sweden did not officially offer vaccination incentives.

Poland and Slovakia have staged lotteries. In Poland, the lottery started on July 1. In it, every two thousand vaccinated received 500 zlotys (120 USD), and this is a guaranteed prize. Weekly prizes of PLN 50,000 were raffled, scooters, fuel or insurance vouchers, and were raffled twice monthly for PLN 1 million (250,000 USD)and a car. In Slovakia, in July, a weekly lottery of 2 million euros was introduced for the vaccinated.


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