Court rejects Savchenko’s appeal on challenge of prosecutor

Source : 112 Ukraine

According to her, Klymovych let himself shameful statement in the comparison of her and former GRU officers
15:21, 29 March 2018

Ukrainska Pravda

The Appeal Court rejected the appeal of MP Nadia Savchenko on the challenge of prosecutor Oleksandr Klymovych as 112 Ukraine broadcasted.

‘The panel of judges does not consider the possible recognition of the circumstances on which the suspected refer to in her appeal as those that hinder prosecutor Klymovych to participate in the criminal proceeding at this stage of the process as it is not based on the law and is not proved by the materials of the case. In such circumstances, the appeal of suspected Savchenko on the challenge of prosecutor Klymovych cannot be satisfied’, the judge claimed.

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Nadia Savchenko asked about the challenge of prosecutor Oleksandr Klymovych who, according to her, let himself incorrect statements in the comparison of her and former GRU officers that humiliated her and officers of Ukraine.

‘Last session prosecutor Klymovych let himself shameful statement when he publicly said that Erofeev and Aleksandrov, the Russian officers and soldiers who came to Ukraine to kill the Ukrainians are better than the Ukrainian soldiers who defended him. Such prosecutor expressed not only the prejudice against me but the direct hatred against me and he has no right to participate in the consideration of this issue’, Savchenko claimed.

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In his turn, Klymovych objected to the challenge and claimed that the real aim of his challenge is the delaying of the trial process.

‘I object to the appeal of my challenge. I want to explain that the last session I said that the persons, the officers of another country, particularly Erofeev and Aleksandrov, according to me, look better because they did not come and they do not commit the terrorist acts and murders. They look better than persons who came and murder at the territory of own state and I did not specify that it is the officers, it is suspected’, Klymovych claimed.

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Also, he asked the defense to provide the journal where his words that the military convicted in our country for the terrorist acts against our citizens are better than then soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are proved.

‘If you have such proofs, you are welcome to provide them. I think that the appeal is ungrounded and aims to delay the trial process and to avoid the criminal responsibility’, he added.

Savchenko claimed that she does not believe the court after its decision.

‘We do not know have the grounds that the court is impartial’, advocate Buhai said.

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As we reported today Kyiv court of appeal is considering a claim by Nadiya Savchenko’s lawyers against her arrest.

As we reported Shevchenkivsky Court of Kyiv decided on the preventive measures for Savchenko, which is custody for two months until May 20, 2018, without a right for a bail. Besides, the Court decided that the detention on March 22 was illegal.

On March 15,  Lutsenko claimed during his speech at the parliament that Savchenko personally planned, recruited and ordered how to hold the terrorist attack in the Verkhovna Rada, destroying two lodges, governmental and post, by the combat grenades, bringing down the dome of the Verkhovna Rada by the mortar launchers and killing the survived with the assault rifles.

Also, it was reported that non-affiliated MP Nadia Savchenko and Volodymyr Ruban, the Head of 'Officer Corps' planned to attack the cortege of the President of Ukraine with the large caliber sniper rifle. 

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