Chronicle of Great Flood: The Carpathians and part of Western Ukraine ‘went under water’

Author : News Agency

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine is fighting against the natural disaster right now
16:12, 24 June 2020

Flood in Ukraine, June 2020
The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Many flooded towns, there is no transport connections with a number of villages, hundreds of units of the State Emergency Service are engaged. We compiled dozens of really scary photos and videos from the territory of the flooding.

Nature has come crushing to Western Ukraine. Locals say it is one of the largest natural calamities since 2008.

It started according the already classical scenario. Heavy rains, - rivers overflowing their banks, - flood. Landslides came as a “bonus.”

We will tell you about this in more detail, but first a few words about why the situation is being compared to 2008.

Flood of 2008

A few facts:

  • Total flood losses – around 150,000 dollars;
  • The territory of the Carpathian Mountains, Ivano-Frankivsk region and Zakarpattia was mainly affected;
  • 39 people died, including children;

Here are some videos that show the scale of the disaster that swept through Ukraine 12 years ago.

Now let's go back to 2020.

“Mom, I'm scared”

This video from Yaremche is one of the many proofs of the scale of disaster raging in Western Ukraine these days.

The video shows a moment of a landslide and a child screaming in fear.

Another video from Sheshory.

And from Svarychiv.


And a few more videos from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, which is now giving all its strength to cope with the nature.

And some photos, of course.

As of this morning (Огту 24), the situation was as follows:

Ivano-Frankivsk region:

  • 4.6 thousand houses were flooded, about 110 km of roads and 90 bridges were destroyed;
  • 130 bridges, more than 3100 hectares of agricultural lands, about 427 km of roads were damaged;
  • transport connection with 21 settlements is disrupted;
  • 285 people were evacuated, 56 people were rescued.


On June 23, 65 households in the village of Yasynia and 5 households in Rakhiv were flooded.

There are no victims.

Emergency Service pumped out about 21,000 m3 of water.

Chernivtsi region:

15 settlements were flooded.

60 people were rescued, including 11 children.

A total of 156 people and 32 units of equipment took part in the rescue operations during the day. Another 123 units of special equipment are ready in case the situation worsens.

Lviv region:

8 settlements are partially flooded.

3 people were rescued.

60 m3 water were pumped out.

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