Broken signature counter under Petition to support 112 Ukraine as symbol of problems with freedom of speech

Source : 112 Ukraine

People supported us and our right to speak the truth. They gave us the required number of signatures even earlier than the official deadline. But their votes have not been counted yet
12:41, 2 January 2019

112 Agency

It was not a joke when we wrote that we did not celebrate reaching 25,000 signatures under the petition “On prevention of the suppression of freedom of speech in Ukraine and imposition of sanctions against 112 Ukraine and NewsOne TV channels”.

It was already clear then that it was just a beginning. And we will have to fight for each vote and each signature of support left by our viewers and readers.

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We were ready for this. And we keep struggling. We received the viewers’ support – this was not enough for someone.

We received Europe’s support – this was also not enough for someone.

We even received the support of many people’s deputies (considering the fact that it was Ukraine’s Parliament which adopted the scandalous appeal to the NSDC on the sanctions against 112 Ukraine and NewsOne) – this was not enough for some reason.

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Our readers have noticed troubles with the counter long ago. And they informed us about that.

We addressed the technical support for an explanation. And they told us that these were technical problems which were being solved. More than a month has passed.

What is this if not an attempt to limit the right of Ukrainians to express their position? It is obvious that it is not about some “technical problems”, but about something much more global.

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Moreover, recently we have received an answer from the President’s Administration with some new information – they are checking the validity of the signatures.

“The relevant unit of the President’s Administration sent over 1500 letters to e-mail, indicated while signing, in November. Yet, as of December 16, 2018 only three addresses sent confirmation. This lead to an additional check of a great amount of the signatures”.

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We will not talk about a very selective approach to the checking of this petition.

We will not pay attention to the absurdity of the way of inspection itself, during which the user might not want to open a letter he/she receives from the President’s Administration (our country lacks cybersecurity, as you know).

We will not remind that the Verkhovna Rada violated the procedure while adopting the regulation of sanctions, which is a threat to the freedom of speech in the country. And almost everyone realizes that.

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We will just remind you that the clock is ticking. Our outrage is one thing. The outrage of Ukraine’s population, the increasing outrage of the voters – this is a completely different thing.

Remember that. Count up these signatures finally. We are waiting for the answer.

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