Beyond vaccination: Why some Ukrainians are out of list?

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Scientists have found that among the vaccinated, the chances of getting to the hospital with the coronavirus are 87% less than among the unvaccinated
15:53, 24 November 2021

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According to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the autumn wave of coronavirus in the country is declining. But at the same time, the mortality rate is still frightening: every fifth hospitalized patient with covid dies in the hospital. Scientists have found that among the vaccinated, the chances of getting to the hospital with the coronavirus are 87% less than among the unvaccinated. Is the rate of vaccination in Ukraine sufficient?

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"In our village they don't get vaccinated, you need to go or drive to the neighboring one. But I don't have a car, the children are abroad, and the minibus runs twice a day. I generally keep quiet about getting there on my own - I can hardly move around the yard with a stick," says Marina, a resident of the village of Synyak, Kyiv region.

Our interlocutor is 67 years old, and six months ago she suffered a stroke. Knowing that the coronavirus most often hits people of her age, Marina would like to protect herself and get vaccinated. But a woman, like hundreds of thousands of other residents of small villages and townships in Ukraine, does not have such an opportunity.

At the same time, both in the regional departments of health protection and at the state level, officials said: everyone who wants to be vaccinated, for this purpose, special mobile teams will be created that will get to any corner of Ukraine.

"Ukraine opens the last - 5th stage of vaccination of the population against COVID-19, which will vaccinate everyone over 18 years old. At the same time, priority will be given to vulnerable groups of the population, in particular - people over the age of 60 and with concomitant diseases," the website of the Ministry of Health reports.

Affordable immunization is not for everyone

In Kyiv, there are more than 50 mass vaccination points: several in each of the districts of the capital. At the same time, residents of villages in the region should try pretty hard to get vaccinated.

So, 60 km from the capital, in the villages of Koblitsa and Talskoe, about 200 Ukrainians were literally left behind the brink of universal immunization. There is only one paramedic station for two villages, there is no hospital and no pharmacies work. To get vaccinated, villagers have to travel 25 km, and no one has heard of mobile brigades here at all.

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“We need to go to the regional center, but how, with what, when? We have not created the conditions for this. The minibus does not travel often, and it is only allowed into it in seats and with covid certificates,” a resident of Talskiy comments on the situation.
In other villages of the region, the situation is no better. So, for example, 38 km from the capital, in the village of Voronkovka, there is no vaccination point, while there is a building in which it could be equipped.

Local residents note: young people travel to the capital to get vaccinated, but the elderly have to be left alone with the problem.
The residents of the Ukrainka village of the Zaporizhzhia region also heard that mobile teams will vaccinate people in different parts of the country. At the same time, they note: they have not yet been able to see them with their own eyes.

"I heard on TV, they say, fifty mobile teams are working on the territory of our region, but during all this time they never reached us. My husband is going to go to the clinic in Zaporizhzhia and get vaccinated there on a first-come, first-served basis," channel UkrLive a resident of Ukrainka.
And there are thousands of such stories. Small villages in Ukraine suffer from a shortage of mobile brigades seen in only a few villages in the Kherson region.

"We have vaccinations with the help of a formed team that serves 3 villages at once: Livi Solonetsy, Pravi Solonetsy, and Pidlisne. It includes 2 local paramedics and a doctor from the region," says a resident of Pidlisne.

The man says: there was an announcement that a mobile brigade would arrive in the villages and it was necessary to draw up lists of those wishing to be vaccinated. As soon as a sufficient number of residents are recruited, the final lists are formed and the date and place of vaccination are set.

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"I made the first vaccine in the Left Solonets, and the second - in the Right Solonets. Fortunately, my son just arrived and was able to take me," our interlocutor adds.

At the same time, according to him, as soon as people were informed that a team would come, there were many times more people wishing to make the vaccine.

We heard about such lists in the urban-type settlement Myrna Dolyna, Luhansk region. So, rumors that soon everyone will be vaccinated in the village have been circulating for more than a month. And some residents of the town have already signed up for vaccinations. But no one knows how long to wait when they will come, and whether they will come at all.

“I was vaccinated in a neighboring village, but my wife is a disabled person of the 3rd group, she cannot go there and get vaccinated.

Residents of the Lumshory village of the Transcarpathian region found themselves in a similar situation. Locals report that the village has neither a first-aid post nor a paramedic, and if an ambulance is needed, it is expected from a neighboring village.

There is only one vaccination point for 5 villages in the OTG - in the neighboring village (7 km). You can go to the regional center, the town of Perechin, but, as the villagers say, 27 km of mountainous terrain there and back will "steal" the whole day. "If such a team came to us at least once a week, there would be many times more people wishing to be vaccinated. And so the elderly population, which is about 90%, cannot go anywhere," says a resident of Lumshor.

The problem of vaccination in villages and towns lies in the fact that people, geographically cut off from universal immunization, are in an information vacuum. In other words, the inhabitants of small villages simply do not know what to expect from vaccination, what vaccine is and how effective it is in one case or another.

We were informed about the lack of information, in particular, in the village of Elizavetovka, Odessa region, where about 300 people live, but there is no medical institution or local paramedic in the village.

"I will not vaccinate yet, because there is little information. No one explains anything to us. And we haven’t even heard about the mobile brigade. Some walk to the neighboring village of Bolgarka, where there is a paramedic center," says a resident of Elizavetovka.

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The existence of the problem of lack of information is also confirmed by residents of the village of Nikanorovka, Donetsk region. The village is small - it is home to about 150 people. There is no school, pharmacy, and, most importantly, a hospital, and therefore there is no one to get information about vaccination from.

"The nearest hospital is located at a distance of 30 km from the village. And if there is no own transport, then I have no idea how you can get there. The fact is that our bus, which runs three times a week, leaves in the morning and at lunchtime. comes back. During this time it is impossible to sit out in the queue for vaccination," a resident of Nikanorovka shares with us.

The residents of the village of Chereshenki in the Kherson region do not have to rely on the bus either. Locals note: the stop of a regular bus to the regional center is 3 km from the village, and they only take people in seats and with certificates.

According to Deputy Minister, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Igor Kuzin, only 20% of Ukrainians over 60 years old have been vaccinated with at least one dose (16.6% have completed the full course).

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According to the electronic health care system, as of September 28, 82% of deaths from COVID-19 for the entire period in Ukraine are people aged 60 and over. And 98.3% of them were not vaccinated.

“I hope that a mobile team will come to us and more information about vaccinations will appear. We have already killed many people, and I would like to get vaccinated, because I don’t want to die,” a resident of the Ukrainka village of Zaporizhzhya region says in a comment to UkrLive.

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