Anti-independence vaccination: Why US forbids Ukraine to buy Russian vaccine?

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The US Embassy explicitly banned Ukraine from buying the Russian vaccine. This follows from the message published by the US representatives in Kyiv
10:00, 19 October 2020

Deputy Chief of Mission Kristina Kvien and Healthcare Minister Maksym Stepanov

The formal justification is that the Russian drug has not yet been tested. However, in parallel, they want to start trials of Western vaccines on thousands of Ukrainians, which has already been confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

As you might guess, they have not been tested either. journalists have investigated the embassy's statement and the reaction to it.

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US ambassador dined with Ukraine’s healthcare minister

A few weeks ago, Vladimir Putin said that he could provide Ukraine with a vaccine against coronavirus, which would be put into commercial circulation in the Russian Federation starting next year. At the moment, it is undergoing the last stage of testing (on volunteers).

The Ukrainian authorities immediately rejected Moscow's offer. Formally, the Russian vaccine has not yet been tested. And this is so, but the point is different - "Sputnik V" is already at the final stage of testing, while other vaccines have not yet approached it.

In addition, no one offered Ukraine a vaccine before launching it into mass circulation. That is, Kyiv's refusal looks like a political one. This refusal was supported by the "war party", which calls not to buy medicine from the aggressor.

But the opinion of the population is different - as the poll of among Kyiv residents showed, people generally do not care about the manufacturer of the vaccine, and if the Russian vaccine is effective, then it is necessary to buy it.

Interestingly, the same idea was repeated on October 13 by Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov. He said that if WHO approves the Russian vaccine, then it will be possible to purchase it - like a vaccine from any manufacturing country.

However, the very next day the minister disowned this idea and said that Ukraine would not buy the Russian "Sputnik V" under any circumstances.

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That is, the tonality has changed dramatically. What exactly changed it? The US Embassy in Ukraine invited Stepanov to dinner with Deputy Chief of Mission Kristina Kvien. Following the meeting, the diplomatic mission issued a message: “CDA Kvien hosted a constructive and collegial dinner with Minister Stepanov yesterday, sharing perspectives on fighting COVID-19 and health sector reform. Ukraine will NOT be buying Russia’s COVID vaccine, which has not passed clinical trials for safety!”

The last sentence sounded like a direct directive: the embassy itself did NOT highlight the particle.

It is also noteworthy that the attorney called herself her first and last name, and the Minister of Health of Ukraine - only by her last name.

In general, a very eloquent message. By the way, this is how social media users reacted to this publication. Through one - indignation, does the embassy have a right to give this kind of instructions.

If we ignore the lyrical digression, then it is obvious that the first goal of the Americans is to sell Western vaccines in Ukraine, and not to allow the Russian one to enter this market. Even if Ukraine receives them much later than the Russian counterpart.

The second reason is testing their vaccines on Ukrainians. Moreover, this process has already been officially launched, said Tetyana Dumenko, director of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health.

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"The most successful developments, these are several countries of the world - European countries, China, the United States - today are conducting the third phase (of the vaccine research, - ed.), and this is on a fairly large number of patients. I must say that we also received the first application last week for the third phase of the European manufacturer, and today we are working on the examination of these materials. If the materials are sufficient and confirm the safety of this study in Ukraine, then 4200 volunteers will be able to take part in this project," Dumenko said.

That is, we refuse the Russian vaccine without discussion, and we are ready to test the European vaccine on ourselves even before its official registration.

"Ukraine has lost its independence"

Social media users began to comment on the scandalous statement.

Lawyer Andrey Portnov calls Kvien’s statement "unprecedented in its impudence."

"An unprecedented in its impudence instruction to Ukrainian citizens was published yesterday by the US Embassy on its page. If earlier they wrote out assignments for us through non-governmental organizations, an agent network, and their representatives in the authorities, now they act directly, summoning Ukrainian officials directly to the embassy and publishing instructions to us through their website.

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Of course, in a normal country, the authorities should react harshly to such a rude interference, but the government minister came to the embassy, took a picture, and accepted an external task for implementation.

Now we need to closely monitor medical contracts, which, after this call, will be concluded by the medical infrastructure authorities.

Ukraine has lost its independence and subjectivity, and we were reminded of this without any hesitation yesterday from the website of the metropolitan embassy."

Journalist Yuriy Tkachov believes that the "real rulers of Ukraine" have closed the topic of the Russian vaccine.

“Ukraine has begun to talk about the fact that, under some circumstances, it would be possible to buy a Russian vaccine against coronavirus.

Well, because the situation quickly turns from critical to catastrophic, and it is obvious that it is not clear understanding of how to change it without vaccines.

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Even Honcharenko (Ukrainian MP, - ed.) recently admitted that if the WHO, they say, approves of the Russian vaccine, why not then?

However, the real rulers of Ukraine cannot allow such willfulness, and the US Embassy bluntly stated: no, we do not allow purchasing Russian vaccines. Wait until we are ready to sell you ours at an exorbitant price. And if someone dies until then, then in Ukraine under the communist occupation, there are already a lot of people bred, there are still ten million extra.

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Washington has spoken, it's over."

Journalist Oleksiy Romanov says we have a "caring colonial administration."

MP Rinat Kuzmin is confident that the United States plans to test its vaccine on Ukrainians.

"All independence is at a glance. Let me remind you that the director of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health, Ph. D. in Medical Sciences Tetyana Dumenko said on the air Right to Power TV show that Europe wants to test its vaccine against Covid-19 on Ukrainians. Of course, it does, and America wants. It would be so convenient and inexpensive. You just invite the minister of the 40 million country for the "supper" and "by candlelight" give an what to do. He is chewing on and bowing. That's all."

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