Alarm in Vietnam after new strain of coronavirus

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For the first time since April, new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Vietnam, as a result of which the resort town near the Danang Sea was quarantined and 80,000 domestic tourists were sent home
09:18, 29 July 2020

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For the first time since April, new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Vietnam, as a result of which the resort town near the Danang Sea was quarantined and 80,000 domestic tourists were sent home (foreigners are not yet allowed into the country). According to the local doctors, this is a new strain of mutated coronavirus, which is more infectious.

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New aggressive strain

The coronavirus outbreak in the country is caused by a new type of virus that is spreading faster, the Vietnamese government said.

"Analysis of the genome has shown that this is a new type of Covid-19 that is more infectious," the message reads.

Scientists point out that the virus is aggressive and capable of causing a transition to a serious condition more quickly. At the beginning of the outbreak, two out of four infected in the city of Da Nang, were connected to a ventilator. The country's health ministry says it has sent the best experts to Da Nang to help the city contain the spread of the infection and quickly identify the source of the infection.


The number of infected is growing, over the past day, 11 new cases were found in the country, the total number increased to 431, 15 have been infected since the beginning of the new wave. For several months, no one was diagnosed with Covid-19 at all.

The National Observatory for the Prevention of Covid-19 said there are four doctors among the infected.

Also, the Vietnamese government announced that those who have come into contact with the infected are being tested for coronavirus. So, the virus was not found when testing 761 people.

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Now about 285 people are isolated at home, and 276 are kept in observation sites or hospitals.

Evacuation of tourists and blocked streets

In the spring, Vietnam managed to completely stop the epidemic thanks to strict quarantine. The country imposed restrictions before fixing cases of Covid-19, and it was cited as an example of a successful fight against the virus. Now there are new restrictions, Da Nang Today reports. In Da Nang, strict quarantine is introduced from July 28, which will last 15 days.

Since Vietnam was closed to foreigners, only domestic tourists came to the resort of Da Nang. Since Monday, the city has been closed even to domestic tourists; upon returning to their cities, they will have to go through two weeks of self-isolation. The evacuation should take up to four days.

Da Nang Today

Residents in several districts in Da Nang are asked to stay at home and only go out in emergencies, such as going to the store or the pharmacy, in emergencies or when working in factories.

People are also asked to keep a distance of at least two meters from each other. Groups of more than two people are prohibited from gathering in offices, schools, hospitals, and public places.

Also, three hospitals are being quarantined, where patients have confirmed coronavirus. Da Nang authorities closed a number of streets. The police have set up 24-hour checkpoints to prevent traffic on the city streets that pass through hospitals.

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Festivals, ceremonies, sports events are prohibited. Non-mainstream businesses, including beauty salons, restaurants and bars, are already closed.

It is unknown how many people are carrying the virus.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus in Da Nang may only be the tip of the iceberg. It is not yet known how many people in Vietnam can spread the coronavirus without symptoms. This was stated by an infectious disease specialist at a medical school in Hanoi, Todd Pollak, The Guardian reports.

“We don’t know the extent of it right now, but we have to assume that there are a lot more people who are carrying the virus,” he said.

The medic added that the repeated outbreak has shown the need for continued vigilance even in countries that appear to have stopped the spread of the virus.

Da Nang Today

Vietnam is now closed for entry and accepts only its citizens who return home. Upon their return, they must spend two weeks in self-isolation. Such measures will also stop the spread of the new coronavirus strain to Vietnam's neighboring countries, Pollack said.

Vietnam is expected to study new strain

The Vietnamese authorities have not yet disclosed details regarding the new virus strain. It is only known that it is more stable and more likely to cause complications. Now the country is figuring out how the virus got there with closed borders, and neighboring countries are awaiting details regarding the new strain.

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