A plea for extradition to Ukraine from Edward Chikosh

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Ukrainian political prisoner in Egypt pleas to be extradited to his home country
11:56, 31 December 2017

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A Ukrainian political prisoner, Edward Chikosh, released an official statement of plea for extradition to Ukraine in hope that this time it will not be ignored by the officials in Egypt, according to Ukrainian News.

Edward Chikosh begins his letter by expressing his awe about the new Investment Law released by the Egyptian government to boost economic performance in the country. Paying his respect to the Presidential Office in Egypt, Chikosh insists on the urgency of showing the fairness of the Egyptian judiciary system to the rest of the world. The success of the recent reforms in the country, he states, will be undermined by the inefficacy of the judiciary system:

 ‘I am counting on your Office for the first time and I am positive you will show the world that law and justice are carried out in Egypt, and the rights of foreign investors are protected by the President himself’.

Edward Chikosh, a representative of the Ukrainian tourist company ‘Tez Tour’, made an immense economic contribution to the economic development of Egypt, succeeding to improve the tourist sector even in the most severe years of political instability.

For years, Egypt had been in the state of political unrest. During the turbulent years of the 2011 revolution, Chikosh made a statement on the national Channel 1 on the request of the Governor of South Sinai. His message to the public was to ‘restore peace and order’.

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Due to an incident on the border involving an Israeli citizen, who was detained when transporting a loaded AK-47 gun, Edward Chikosh was found guilty of planning a terrorist attack without a chance to appeal. The verdict of an unconstitutional state security emergency court sentenced Chikosh to 25 years in a high-security prison. Such ‘draconian punishment’, as Chikosh calls it in his letter, was based on unsubstantial evidence of the ‘fabricated’ reports’ which ‘contained 47 mistakes’.

The governments of other countries, such as the US, have been far more successful in releasing their political prisoners from Egypt. The inhuman conditions which Chikosh is presently made to endure become unbearable.

In his official letter to Mr. Kamel Samiz, Edward Chikosh is also addressing the ambassador of Ukraine, Mr. Henadiy Latiy, as well as the editors of the Western news media, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Economist. His family in Uzhorod hopes that this time his plea will be heard.

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