Top-5 the "poorest" female MP of the Ukrainian parliament

Author : Inna Zavoyra

Source : 112 Ukraine

This article is about MP women whose official income is the most modes
19:26, 24 July 2015

Very curious figures could be seen in the income declarations of the Ukrainian deputies. Some of them, according to their 2014 declaration, receive just $ 136-227 per month; essentially, for the Ukrainian MP such wages is low enough (but quite sufficient for ordinary Ukrainian).

Thereby, the fifth place of the ranking of the poorest female deputies is a former minister, who was already elected as MP for few times, "Luhansk diva" Natalia Korolevska. Her 2014 salary is $2,3 thousand, earning only $198 per month.

Наталья Королевская
Фото из открытых источников
Her income totally consists of the salary. Korolevska had not declared any dividend. She has no any cars (her family has Mercedes Benz 2006). Her family owns a 264.1 sq. m apartment. She does not have any bank deposits too.

Sometimes, deputies do not have high earnings, and live at the relatives’ expense. Let’s take a look at the declaration of the family. And there is even less money! $1,5 thousand, with the $586 annual salary and $946 of interest and dividends. It means that the husband of Korolevska, Yuriy Solod (also became a MP last autumn), is even poorer than his wife.

However, this modest income is not correlated with the biography of Korolevska and her husband. She started her career in the joint venture "ETKO", where one of the shareholders was her brother Konstantyn Korolevskyi, who later made his career in Moscow. JV "ETKO" specialized in coal and metal trade. In 1993-1998 Korolevska was a Financial Director of joint-stock company "META" ("ETKO" after renaming). Then she was a commercial director of JV “Metal Companies”, specializing in scrap metal, owned by her and her brother. In 2000 she was engaged in the production of ice cream. Korolevska argues that local authorities proposed her to buy back shares of "Luhanskkholod”. In 2001-2006 she was a Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Luhanskkholod" (TM "The Royal Ice Cream"), one of top five manufacturers of ice cream in Ukraine. She also coordinated “Oxford”, an investment and construction project.

In 2008, "Comments: Luhansk", the online newspaper, nominated Natalia Korolevska to be the third richest person in Luhansk region, estimating her state of $235 mln. She was №93 of the richest Ukrainians in the "Focus" journal ranking, with $243 mln.

Korolevska denies her involvement in the business: "I am no longer involved in business management: 90% of CEOs are the hired management personal, coordinated by my husband". But it was before he was elected to Verkhovna Rada. So who controls the business now? And what happened to the $ 240 mln?

Fourth place in lowest income rate is takes Olena Boyko, "Narodnyi Front". She earned last year, only $2,2 thousand.

Елена Бойко
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Boyko graduated from Pedagogical University (Ukrainian philology) and the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. Worked as an assistant for “Batkivshchyna” MP after the 2012 elections, taking 19th  place in the party's list respectively (consequently, she has not become a deputy then).

Now Boyko together with her faction colleague Olena Ledovskykh are leaders of bell writing. They have initiated more than 440 cojoint bills. However, this legislative activity relates to the fact that these deputies are members of the Parliamentary Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Local Self-Government, which deals with local elections scheduling. Therefore, the vast majority of these bills are connected with setting elections data. There is no information about family income in her declaration.

Olena Masorina, “Narodnyi Front”, is on the third place, with $2 thousand.

Елена Масорина
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Besides initiating the bills, Masorina, is engaged in and volunteering. So, she is the deputy chairman of the charitable organization "Charity fund "Volunteer hundred "Ukraine - the world".

30-year-old MP is not married, she lives in Kyiv. She possesses two apartments (46 and 32 sq. m.). and 2007 Subaru Legacy.

Question: how were Boyko and Masorin included into the party list of "Nerodnyi Front" of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, taking into consideration the concentration of media candidates attracted by the Prime Minister? We must definitely ask them about it later.

The second place takes Natalia Veselova, "Samopomich" faction. She earned for 2014 only $1,2 thousand. But it is 6 times more than she earned the previous year ($186 !). And now today we have witnessed her enrichment.

Наталья Веселова
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Veselova appeared in "Samopomich" thanks to Semen Semenchenko. Before being elected to the parliament, Veselova worked as the director for “Donbas” battalion Foundation, which was founded in June 2014 by initiative of the first battalion’s commander " Semen Semenchenko.

Veselova was born in Slaviansk, Donetsk region. Graduated from Slaviansk State Pedagogical Institute, while studying, worked as a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. After graduation, worked as a specialist in the Pension Fund of Proletarskyi district of Donetsk city, later became the chief inspector of social work in Proletarskyi district council in Donetsk.

According to her income declaration, Veselova lives in a small 58.2 sq. m. apartment. She has not declared no any property. Her family earned $2,6 thousand, and paid the $ 3,1 loan at the same time.

The most “impoverished” in the Verkhovna Rada is Oksana Korchynska, a member of the Radical Party of Oleh Liashko. The wife of the odious Dmytro Korchinsky, she was known at the front under the call sign "Pani Oksana", declared $301 income. While her earnings a year earlier were much more decent - $ 23,7 thousand.

Оксана Корчинская
Фото из открытых источников
She positions herself primarily as a volunteer. During the parliament sessions, Mrs. Korchynska supports the soldiers of the antiterrorist operation. As head of the Board of the Children's Hospital “Protection of motherhood and childhood”, she constantly asks money for the hospital. And she routinely criticizes the Minister of Health, whoever he is. Interestingly, some media spreads the information that that in her narrow circles Oksana Korchynska is known as a producer and video advertising.

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