Winnie the Pooh, Kim Jong Un and everyone else: best stunts from the Olympics-2018

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A not long ago, perhaps, last Friday, the Olympic Games began in South Korea. Yet, here we are looking at the results of the games. Why do we love the Olympics? Because it is so multi-dimensional. One of the main sports events over four years offers tremendous performances, drama and fever pitch at the time of the games, as well as a great range of funny moments and simply cute stories. And, of course, "oopsies", you cannot deny them. Now let us talk about all the stunts and "oopsies" the Pyeongchang Olympic Games will be remembered for. There was an abundance of those.
16:44, 27 February 2018

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Part One

Where we meet North Korean cheerleaders and a Kim Chong Un look-a-like

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Since the start of the Olympic Games, a group of North Korean girls that came to support their national team stole the show. The cheerleaders have made some stunning performances at the Games. Videos with their performances have flooded the Internet. Their perfect motions caused many jokes like “Oh, this one messed up. She is getting executed back home”.

Although let us admit: if those girls were, for example, from France rather than North Korea, most people would have simply adored the level of support. So this impression must have been mostly due to the country’s reputation. They were interesting to watch anyway. Another funny thing related to North Koreans happened at the ladies’ hockey game between Japan and Korea.

Kim Jong Un himself came to the game… well, his look-a-like. He told the press afterward that “Korea played well because he’d coached them”, and saluted the cheerleaders. Although the girls apparently didn’t like the joke, which is perfectly captured in this picture. Just look at their faces. 

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By the way, Kim’s double did not come alone, he came with a Donald Trump look-a-like, and the two appeared to conduct negotiations.

Part Two

Where athletes try to fool everyone, and a Russian wearing an “I don’t take doping” t-shirt takes doping.

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Short track. Men’s tournament. A 17-year-old North Korean skater Jong Kwang Bom falls during the race. Jong appeared to reach out and grab at Ryosuke Sakazume’s skate, which is a combination of dirty play and incredible danger. As a result, the Japanese skater lost his balance and the actions of the North Korean paved way to the finals for the South Korean team.

In a different sport, freestyle, something happened that could be described as “break the system, oppose the system, fight the system”. The American Elizabeth Swaney, who represented Hungary in these Olympics, was participating in the halfpipe tournament. The essence of the halfpipe is to perform jumps and complex tricks on a bend structure.

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But perhaps Elizabeth convinced herself that rules exist to be broken and only losers follow the guidance. Unlike other athletes, she simply passed the structure without any tricks. Just because she can. So while everybody else was stressing out in order to avoid dangerous falls, the American simply went for a pleasant ride. Later it was revealed, that Elizabeth came to the Olympics via an interesting and devious path. It became known that the 33-year-old is not a professional athlete and used a loophole in the qualifying regulations. According to the rules, she had to end up in top-30 of several international competitions in order to be eligible for the Olympics. She decided to go to competitions with fewer than 30 participants.

While other athletes were maneuvering, representatives of the OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia) tested positive on doping again. The Russian team officially became the OAR precisely because of the doping allegations. It would seem that when your team is being so carefully watched exactly for that reason, then maybe it is best to quit taking it.

But the Russians did not want to surrender and tested positive on doping again. At these Olympics. Twice. Including in curling.

You would probably ask: “why would you need doping in curling?” We do not know. But the fact remains: the Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky got accused of taking meldonium.

And that’s not all. Perhaps even funnier was the second doping case against the OAR team. The Russian bobsleigh racer Nadezhda Sergeeva is suspected of taking illegal substances. Before the Olympics, Nadezhda spoke to the press while rocking this shirt: (The shirt says: “I don’t take doping, I am for sport”).

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Part Three

Where Jamaica’s hope dies and then resurrects, while a taekwondo athlete from Tonga becomes a skier

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The Jamaican ladies’ bobsleigh team desperately wanted to make history and to compete at the Olympics for the first time ever. However, an argument erupted between the team coach Sandra Kiriasis and the bobsleigh federation of the country. As the result, Kiriasis got offended and left, taking the only bob the team had. Later it turned out that she was the owner of the bob. In the end, though, Red Stripe, a Jamaican beer brewing company, came to rescue the national team and purchased the desperately needed bob. The story ended with a happy end: the Jamaican ladies ended up taking part in the bobsleigh tournament in Pyeongchang and finishing 18th in the race.

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At the same time, an athlete from Tonga continues to compete persistently in Olympic tournaments. It does not even matter if the Olympics are winter or summer. He was a taekwondo practitioner at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He transitioned into a skier for the winter Olympics, having skied for a mere 12 weeks. Nevertheless, he passed the required standards and ended up competing in the 15 km race at the 2018 Olympics. He finished 114th out of 116 athletes.

“I have never been good in 15 km races. I always get tired by the second kilometer”, - the athlete admitted later. By the way, Pita could well be the most popular athlete at the Olympics. His popularity is not related to his athletic performances, but rather to his appearance at the opening ceremony. Both in Rio and now in Pyeongchang, he looked really original – shirtless and fully oiled, which could not go unnoticed (particularly in the negative temperature of Pyeongchang).

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“I push myself forward to new achievements and I like it. With my effort, with my hard work, I want to show people that anybody can leave their comfort zone and discover their abilities, without being afraid to fail and to be criticized”.

This is how the athlete describes his motivation.

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Part Four

Where the Czech Ledecka makes history and comes to a press conference wearing a ski mask, while the Dutch traumatize their fans with a bronze medal

Ester Ledecka

The Czech snowboarder and alpine skier Ester Ledecka won four gold medals in Pyeongchang in snowboarding (parallel giant slalom) and in alpine skiing (supergiant). By doing so, Ester became the first person ever to win gold medals in two separate sports at Winter Olympics.

A funny thing happened to her at the Pyongchang games: Ester had so few hope and did not expect a victory in alpine skiing that she refused to take off her ski mask at the press conference. She argued that she did not expect to come first, hence, she did not put any make-up on. This is how she answered reporters’ questions at the press conference:

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We do not know how the Games’ bronze medalists – the Dutch ice skaters Sven Kramer, Jan Blokhuijsen, Patrick Roest, Koen Verweij – looked when they were celebrating their prize spot, but they definitely made some noise.

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At the time of the celebration, athletes threw a giant dummy of the medal, but the outcome was hardly predictable. The throw injured two individuals, one of whom was even taken to a hospital for examination. As the result, Sven Kramer came forward to apologize to the injured fans. However, we are quite sure that the athletes will come to terms with fans.

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Part Five

Where there is “nudity”, “a juicy butt” and a beer at a 9 a.m. curling tournament

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Figure skating is a risky sport. The Frenchwoman Gabriella Papadakis, who skates with Guillaume Cizeron, felt it in its entirety. During their performance, her dress unzipped revealing her breasts.

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“My costume opened up. It was difficult. My worst nightmare happened at the Olympics. I felt it right away. I prayed. That was all I could do", - Gabriella said later.

A commentary is not less risky. It is desirable to keep it together and avoid making any reckless statements. U.S. radio KNBR’s pundit Patrick Connor knows it for sure. According to FoxNews, during the snowboarding tournament, his attention was drawn to the buttocks of the U.S. athlete Chloe Kim.


“She has such a sweet little piece of ass. 'If she was 18, you wouldn't be ashamed to say that she's a little hot piece of a**. And she is. She is adorable. I'm a huge Chloe Kim fan.'

The KNBR’s management did not share Connor’s admiration – even his apology did not console it. The pundit was fired the following day.

While going off the rails is seen as inappropriate in some cases (as described above), it sometimes resonates with fans. Such was the case of Shawn Germain, who is the husband of the Canadian curler Rachel Homan. During the semifinals matchup between Canada and Japan, cameras captured Shawn holding two beer glasses, both of which he successfully downed in sequence (the game started at 9 a.m.). Then he went to get another two, thereby missing the end of the game. Canadian fans voiced support for Shawn though:


“Nobody is judging you, Shawn! I think the main reason why you had two beers in your hands is just that you could not hold four at once”, - one of them wrote. Shawn explained his behavior by stress: "You can judge all you want. The stress level is high, I'm not a drunk, I'm just Canadian," he tweeted during Canada's match against Japan.

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Part Six

Where the reader finally finds out what Winnie the Pooh has to do with all this


Have you ever seen a Winnie the Pooh rain? Such rain began on one of the most prominent athletes of our time – Japan’s Hanyu Yuzuru. He came first in the short program of the Olympics, having got 111.68 points for his performance. After he finished his performance, hundreds of Winnie the Poohs began pouring on him from the stalls. The thing is that Winnie the Pooh is Hanyu’s favorite toy. Since his early days, along with a box of tissues and a water bottle, he puts a small Winnie the Pooh toy on the rink board. And whenever he skates, fans constantly throw teddy bears onto the rink. After the rain of toys in Pyeongchang, the skater himself stated he would give the toys to fans as a thank you for their support.

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Part Seven

Where we leave the 2018 Olympics and Pyeongchang and take on a new adventure

This was interesting, fun, dramatic. These were great Olympic games. We are saying goodbye to South Korea and hi to the new Olympics. The next stop is Beijing-2022.

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