Kyiv: What you can do and what you shouldn’t do

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UEFA 2018 Finals will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital on May 24 (women) and May 26 (men)
13:37, 25 May 2018

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UEFA Champions League Final will take place at Olimpiysky National Sport Complex in Kyiv. What is bad behavior in Kyiv? Take a look at what you shouldn’t do in the capital of Ukraine and check out some useful advice that will make your stay more comfortable.

Drinking & Smoking in public places

The law has it that drinking alcohol (including beer) and smoking in public places is forbidden. Public places include health and educational institutions, public transport, subway, culture institutions, closed sports buildings (except beer in plastic), elevators and public telephones, children playgrounds and sports grounds, state institutions.

The rules also prohibit selling alcohol and cigarettes to people under 18 years old.

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Don’t throw rubbish on the streets

Do not throw trash under your feet. Find a can and put it there. Treat the city as your own home and make sure you don’t leave a trail of rubbish behind.

Watch your things

Usually a robbery happens in places with many people, like shopping malls, markets, public transport, etc. The experts advice not to use bags with broken locks, not to keep all the cards, documents and money in one purse – you can put something in different places. If you don’t need something, - leave it at home.

If you were robbed, turn to police immediately as it easier to find your stolen property going hot on the trail.

If your credit card was stolen, call your bank without delay and block the card.

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Some advice

It’s better to have some cash in hryvnias just in case the shop does not have a terminal.

If you need help, you should first try asking young people, as they are most likely will know English. Compared to many other counties that just expect you to learn their great language, the young people in Ukraine often know one, two or more languages. So you can get some advice or help you need.

If you know you’re going to use the subway often, you might consider buying a metro card. It will not cost you even a dollar but you won’t have to wait each time in a queue to buy a token.

Also, on May 21-27, football fans will have the opportunity to get a free ride in the subway and the surface transport in Kyiv. The respective decision was made by the Kyiv subway administration. The football supporters will need certain kinds of documents to enjoy such rights, as shown below. The samples were posted by the press service of Kyiv Subway administration.

For emergency situations, there are a number of services you can call: 101 - firemen, 102 - police, 103 - ambulance, 104 - gas. You can call 112 and they will connect you to the service you need.

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Food delivery

It is strange that such a convenient service is not too popular in many European countries. In Kyiv you can deliver anything, you can also order a delivery from restaurants that don’t have it.

There are various promotional actions too, such as free wine and beer, coupons for discount if the delivery got delayed, and other nice little things. Kyiv delivery is the best ever.

Round-the-clock stores

One more plus of the Kyiv night life style is the opportunity to buy anything at any time of the day. If at 3 am in the morning you suddenly want to eat a sandwich with cheese or chocolate with lemonade - there for sure will be some round-the-clock shop near your house.

Various cuisine

In Kyiv it’s more difficult to find a national cuisine, though many foreigners like Puzata Hata, as this kind of restaurant is quite rare abroad. But you can easily find Moroccan, Iranian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek food here. Needless to say about French, Japanese, and Italian restaurants ... They are everywhere you go. If you want to make a gastronomic tour around the world, - come to Kyiv!

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