Fate of UEFA tranche to fight COVID-19 six months later remains a secret in Ukraine

Author : Serhiy Vasylyev

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How the Ukrainian Association of Football spent financial assistance from UEFA to fight COVID-19
23:37, 23 November 2020

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The level of competence of the staff serving the main national team, especially during a pandemic, should not raise any questions from the representatives of the clubs whose players are called to the training camp.

But instead of cooperating with clubs in a crisis situation, consulting online and in every possible way to facilitate the immediate transporting of infected football players back to Kyiv to provide them with qualified assistance, a specialist from the House of Football states without a shadow of a doubt that there was no need for such a prompt response ... They say that Dynamo players could fly away by the charter organized by the FFU / UAF.

That is, no one really thought about the health of sick people. It was important to adjust the PR picture to the date of departure of the "saving flight," which Pavelko personally took care of.

On this occasion, the headline on the Obozrevatel was eloquent: "The UAF rented a 180-seat plane to transfer one player of the Ukrainian national team."

In general, FFU / UAF once again showed itself in an extremely unattractive light, for which it received a corresponding reaction from the media.

“As Zhvanetsky said,“ if you don’t know how to love, sit and be friends! ”But it’s impossible to sit peacefully - Pavelko’s department needs a reputation as heroic lovers, no less. Hence the insatiable desire to appropriate the work that the clubs, federal managers did. It is unnecessary to ask the question “Aren't you ashamed?” said the editor-in-chief of the Football weekly Artem Frankov on his Telegram channel.

"The leadership of the national association, which presented an outright lie as the truth, once again demonstrated not only its inability to promptly make adequate decisions in critical situations but also an amazing tendency to PR even on those episodes that it would be better to keep quiet about," concludes Football club.

It is not the first time that the domestic press has caught FFU / UAF and personally its president Pavelko lying, and his desire to present himself as an "eternal winner" is clearly displayed on his personal page on Facebook. It is impossible to find publications there on some sensitive and burning topics. Including those concerning the national team.

The head of the FFU / UAF did not squeeze out a word after the devastating 1: 7 in October sparring with France. He also kept silent after the game in Germany. Although these are just the cases when the real president had to support coaches and football players, let everyone know that he is with them, on the same wavelength, and in those moments when not everything works out.

But for Pavelko, apparently, it is important that his surname is associated only with achievements. And since in reality it practically never happens, he regularly clings to someone's successes or ... he comes up with his own, which looks ridiculous and caricatured.

This is exactly what happened in the course of the past week when an official who parasitizes on football presented as another big victory - the permission of the authorized bodies to hold matches on Saturdays and Sundays. And this is against the general background of the introduction of "weekend quarantine" in the country...

"Together and thanks to a fruitful cooperation with Minister of Healthcare Maksym Stepanov, we managed to defend the possibility of continuing the matches of the Premier League, the First and Second Leagues, which are scheduled for the weekend ... We are doing everything possible to protect football from a pandemic!" Pavelko solemnly proclaimed on Facebook.

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But if we discard the bravado and soviet pathos inherent in his Facebook speeches, it becomes clear that we are talking about primitive manipulation. After all, it is not Pavelko who makes all the important decisions about the holding of football matches.

At the same time, educated and interested people automatically have a question: what real actions were taken by the federation to overcome the negative impact of the pandemic on domestic football and, most importantly, what about the money that UEFA allocated for this purpose?

Recall that in the spring, the European Football Union announced the payment to 55 national associations of € 236.5 million to combat the consequences of the epidemic within the HatTrick project.

“Our sport is facing unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis. UEFA wants to help its associations meet the challenge in a way that is appropriate in their circumstances. We have decided to pay each association up to € 4.3 million - these funds can be used by our associations to rebuild the football community as they see fit,” explained UEFA President.

Six months have passed since then, but the fate of the UEFA target tranche remains a mystery. Maybe someone heard that FFU / UAF helped clubs by paying for tests? Or does the federation somehow contribute to the treatment of football players who have contracted the infection? Or, perhaps, financial assistance was offered to the teams and children's coaches so that they could survive the most difficult period? ..

The press, by the way, has repeatedly raised the issue of the distribution of this money from UEFA. And the representatives of the clubs were also interested. But there was never a clear answer from the FFU / UAF.

Well, somehow, gradually in the routine and bustle, this topic got lost, calmed down. But in vain. After all, COVID-19 has not disappeared anywhere, unlike the money to fight it...

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