Zelensky's cashback for vaccination: Marketing exercise or real help?

Author : Anna Peshkova

Source : 112 Ukraine

President Zelensky has promised to pay a thousand hryvnia (40 USD) from December 19 to everyone who receives the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine
22:40, 18 November 2021

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Probably, the president is perplexed why people reacted so negatively to the pleasant bonus that he generously and wholeheartedly offered them – 40 USD for vaccination against coronavirus. After all, all over the world people are motivated to vaccinate financially: and they not only distribute money but also give air tickets, free alcohol is poured in bars, food is distributed, employers send the vaccinated on paid holidays.

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Let's start with when and how Zelensky decided to lend a helping hand to the population.

Timeliness. It took about a year from the start of vaccination to realize that it is necessary to create positive motivation for the people. The problem is that previously only the "whip" worked for us, which did not have the desired effect. Even the restrictions on movement for unvaccinated people in the "red" zone do not work: they still ride like a "cove hare". Why was it impossible to start with "carrot" right away?

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Until now, the population did not receive any decent support during the quarantine, with the exception of the unemployed and some entrepreneurs. While all over the world people were receiving financial support, the Ukrainian state demonstrated in every possible way that it did not care at all about the welfare of its citizens. Now an attempt to motivate with a thousand betrays the true interests of the president. In Ukraine, too few people want to be vaccinated voluntarily, and this spoils Zelensky's beautiful statistics. If not for this factor, apparently, no one would have received the money.

Consistency of motivation. If your country has low rates of vaccination, then maybe it is worth identifying the real reasons for what is happening and trying to eliminate them? For example, conduct extensive information campaigns to debunk the myths surrounding covid vaccinations?

People who refuse the vaccine worry, in part, because of the side effects. For them, a thousand hryvnia is definitely not the price of life. By the way, if someone dies in Ukraine after vaccination, the posthumous issuance of a thousand hryvnia will turn into clownery.

Is it really not clear that people who are ready to do PCR tests every three days, just not to get vaccinated, have already spent a lot more money than you are offering them? If finances were in the first place for them, they would have been vaccinated for a long time and would have enjoyed freedom of movement and other benefits.

40 USD is an extremely weak motivation, which makes them suspect that something is wrong even more. After all, the seller of the goods will not, if this product is good, not only give it away for free but also pay you extra so that you can take it? The vaccine surcharge is fueling even more conspiracy theories.

We have what we have: those who oppose vaccination write comments to Zelensky that they themselves are ready to pay him this thousand, so long as they are not forced to be vaccinated.

Effectiveness in a pandemic. When Zelensky announced that a thousand could be spent on gyms, travel, and theaters, most likely he was planning to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, people will receive help, but will not drink and play the allocated funds, but will do something useful with them. On the other hand, it is possible to support a business without allocating additional funds or providing cheap loans. Bingo!

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But the idea of ​​handing out money to people in a pandemic that they will spend on mass events is something. Not everyone who has been vaccinated will develop antibodies. In our country, no one checks the success of vaccination using ELISA tests - they just issue a certificate, and that's all. The mass launch of people into museums, gyms, theaters, and airplanes is, of course, exactly what is needed in a pandemic.

In an environment where people are afraid of side effects, it would be a good motivation not to distribute thousands of hryvnias, but to create state insurance for a large amount against the possible risks of complications caused by vaccination. Yes, the very mechanism that cannot be implemented for doctors working with coronavirus patients. Such a payment, which looks much more motivated and more serious, would reassure many citizens.

In the end, it would be possible to give out an "antique suitcase" with masks, antiseptics, vitamins free of charge. And it is desirable - not only for those already vaccinated but in general for everyone. Of course, if you don’t give a damn about your citizens.

Payment volume. With the bulk of the citizens sorted out. For those who really travel and go to theaters, 40 USD is not a significant amount at all.

The very decision to pay exactly 1000, of course, immediately reminds of Yulia Tymoshenko and her compensation for the loss of deposits in the Savings Bank of the Soviet Union. Here are just a thousand Tymoshenko was 125 dollars and a thousand Zelensky - 38. The amount of aid is decreasing.

Those who have delved into the 2022 budget know that this is a "tax budget". It is taxes that make up almost all of the revenue for the next year. So it's not worth thanking Zelensky for the generous offer: we actually make a gift to ourselves.

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Aid delivery mechanism. If you are still interested in easy money, then do not expect to receive it any time soon. Until the new year, only 100 million USD will be allocated for help. That is, only every third of those vaccinated will receive a present for the Christmas tree.

And here we again return to the main problem - to the fact that Zelensky's assistance is simply not believed in sincerity.

Personal interest. The state has cheated Ukrainians for too long for the distribution of money in its current form to be perceived as a genuine concern. Everything looks like nothing but the pursuit of personal goals by the president: the struggle for beautiful statistics or bribery of Ukrainians before the elections. The correct decision to support Ukrainians in a pandemic financially in its current form turns into an elegant attempt to pull up new users to Diya. Do I remember that it was through this proposal that Zelensky proposed holding elections electronically?

There is even no reason to doubt that Ukrainians will try to "dissolve" the state for the sake of these funds, as it repeatedly "divorced" them. The purchase of vaccination certificates will turn into an even more profitable business: the doctor poured out the vaccine, issued the certificate, and the state also provided a discount on this "excellent" service. And everyone is happy: a dishonest doctor, a cunning patient, and Zelensky, who will receive beautiful vaccination statistics.

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