World returns to normal: Good news on fight against coronavirus

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The end of journey is still far away, but it has already begun. And there is hope that the world will not turn off this path
10:57, 13 May 2020

Good news about coronavirus
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The fight against coronavirus continues. And with each week the situation does not look as bad as it was at the very beginning.

Many countries have already begun to lift quarantine restrictions. And this became possible, first of all, due to the fact that the number of Covid-19 cases has drastically decreased there.

In parallel, the work of many countries on the vaccine against the virus does not stop. And the support and mutual assistance of each other all over the world does not stop.

The world is fighting and recovering.

Coronavirus vaccine

Italian researchers said they began testing the world's first vaccine to deal with Covid-19.

The Daily Mail writes that the vaccine was developed by Takis Biotech. Scientists have obtained antibodies in pre-infected coronavirus mice.

At the same time, the company says that, according to further studies, antibodies taken from mice were able to stop the coronavirus infection.

However, a number of other scientists have so far called into question the success of the Italians, saying that they "hurried with the conclusions."

But this rather indicates a high competition in the development of the vaccine, which in the end should only benefit to the result.

On the subject of vaccines, there is more global news.

A few days ago, the European Union hosted an international videoconference that launched a Global Response fundraising campaign to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

DW reports that the initiator was the World Health Organization (WHO), along with various charities, in particular the Gates Foundation.

To understand the scope.

About 40 countries and organizations are going to join the general fund. At the same time, the EU itself, for example, allocated 1 billion euros to it.

Among the donors are also: Germany (525 million euros), France (500 million euros), the Netherlands (192 million), Spain (125 million). And these are only the largest donors.


The victory over the coronavirus was announced in Iceland. According to the government, 97% of those infected recovered there.

Nike has developed special sneakers for medical athletes. More than 30 thousand pairs are donated to doctors in several American cities. Another 2.5 thousand were sent to hospitals throughout Europe, including Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London, Milan and Paris.

Help, by the way, is different.

For example, the German brewery Willinger Brauhaus from Hesse decided, so to speak, to provide moral assistance to the population. And, as DW writes, distributed around 2,600 liters of light and dark beer. For free.

Beer was produced for restaurants and hotels, but it could not be sold due to quarantine.

“We also want to thank people, and we hope that after the opening they will provide the same support that they come here, will recommend us,” said the owner of the brewery Franz Mast.

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