World afraid of previously unknown virus found in China

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The outbreak of pneumonia in China pretty much scared both the locals and the rest of the world. The fact is that the causative agent of the disease was a previously unknown virus. And now experts are trying to understand how dangerous it is
22:32, 22 January 2020

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In December 2019, an outbreak of pneumonia with an unknown pathogen was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

On December 31, Chinese authorities reported 44 patients, while 11 of them were in serious condition. Already on January 9, one of the patients died, however, he had tumors in the abdomen and chronic liver disease, so the exact cause of death is unknown.

As of January 10, as the South China Morning Post wrote, 60 people were already in the hospital due to an unknown virus.

At least 15 of them became infected with the same strain - coronavirus. Today, it is this strain that is considered the main cause of the outbreak.

Diagnosis and spreading

Coronavirus was found on 41 patients in China, as well as in a woman who flew from there to Thailand.

The WHO said that during an attempt to establish the cause of the disease, Chinese experts ruled out the influenza virus, adenovirus and other viruses.

The BBC clarifies that a lot of viruses belong to the coronavirus family, but only six of them can infect humans.

The consequences of coronavirus infection can vary from mild colds to death.

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The outbreak of the new virus is associated with the seafood market in Wuhan (in most cases, patients were either regular customers or sellers). The market was closed on January 1.

Carriers of the coronavirus could be marketed marine mammals. The virus found in China has already been recorded in Japan, before that - in Thailand.

Chinese authorities have reacted. Infected people received treatment in isolation rooms to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus. People in contact with infected patients are being monitored.

Scanners determining body temperature were installed for checking passengers.

How dangerous is the virus?

Experts say that there is no reason to believe that the new pneumonia will be as dangerous as the previous, the so-called atypical one recorded in China in 2002 (then 774 people died from the virus).

Moreover, doctors do not yet have data that the disease can be spreaded between people. The virus continues to be studied, and Wuhan police seek and punish people who "publish and disseminate false information without verification."

The WHO said that they are monitoring the outbreak and are in contact with the Chinese authorities.

Typical symptoms of pneumonia

And most importantly, the symptoms are:

- increase of body temperature to 39 ° C;

- pallor of the skin;

- cough, accompanied by chest pain;

- sweating;

- sharp weakness.

In order to protect yourself from the virus, it is advisable to temporarily limit trips to China, as well as follow the usual rules for the prevention of infections:

- to wash hands;

- properly cook meat and eggs;

- stay away from coughing and sneezing people.

And of course, noticing the first suspicious symptoms, visit a doctor.

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