What is worse - quarantine or coronavirus?

Author : Alexander Baunov

Source : 112 Ukraine

By concentrating on the number of losses from the the new virus, we can lose sight of other issues
22:56, 31 March 2020

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The losses from Covid-19 are obviously large, the daily mortality from it around the world has already exceeded the death rate from tuberculosis.

By concentrating on the number of losses from the the new virus, we can lose sight of other issues.

How many will undermine their health sedentary sitting locked up without sun and air. How many people will worsen their condition, weaken their immunity, because they can’t travel to fresh air, to the mountains, to the warm sea. Just change the scenery. These will be the same old people who die earlier, but for a reason authorities will not show on TV. Or these will be people of any health and age who will miss rest or time to put themselves in order, and their immunity will not cope with the same virus, now or later.

For someone seriously, perhaps a terminally ill person, - they should now go to the sea, to the Acropolis, to any other places that are good for them, to their homeland, to the relatives. There was a postponed last life holiday that could give strength to live yet or not to give up. So simple and affordable, but it will not take place.

How can Indians be locked in cramped houses cure eight people in a room? Hundreds of millions live there. Where to isolate millions of homeless in the same India, Brazil, Africa, who use one toilet without water for tens of people? In a few months, a situation may arise when more developed countries will at least defeat the epidemic, as China has reportedly defeated it. And poor countries will not be able to do this, and the epidemic wall will finally divide the two worlds. But this is in the uncertain future.

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Poverty means poor nutrition, which also kills lives, gives rise to chronic diseases, and reduces immunity. This is when there is not enough money for vitamins and medicines. Growing protracted poverty is a crime that will increase the number of victims in the streets, in homes, in summer cottages. Even in relatively prosperous countries with a relatively obedient population like ours. This is already happening in Italy, Spain is on the way.

An effort to fight the epidemic needs to be made, but it should not be overly protracted. People already agree in advance on an unprecedented level of prohibitions, which could become a new norm. After all, anything can become the norm, we remember that we had lines, grocery cards, requisition of anything, compaction and life by passes. Italy is already discussing how to remove quarantine selectively and precisely, without achieving victory over the epidemic, because it began to notice these losses, which were not recently identified. A little more, Spain and France will join it. A few weeks, and they will talk not about the point, but about the complete withdrawal, regardless of whether the victory is won.

Quarantine is an effective measure, but one must understand that right now all societies are crossing the line, after which a habit of prohibitions of anything and any deprivation can develop - a new bad norm.

If a quick victory over the virus does not work out, the winner is not the one who defeats the disease, but the one who learns to coexist with it, as the great civilization of the 19th century coexisted with tuberculosis, cholera and syphilis. And in the end they won.

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