What does Ukraine's new draft law on animal rights suggest?

Author : Iryna Shostak

Source : 112 Ukraine

The confrontation between animals’ rights defenders and hunters continues
22:42, 27 April 2020

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The confrontation between animal rights defenders and hunters continues. We are talking about the newly registered MP from the Servant of the People’s faction, Serhiy Lytvynenko, Bill No. 3200-1, which allows previously prohibited actions in the facilities of the nature reserve fund. In particular, hunting in national parks, sanctuaries, popularizing hunting in the system of preschool, general secondary, vocational, and higher education by separating the terms “hunting” and “cruel killing of animals” and others.

The animal rights immediately responded to the initiative, and for several years they have been advocating the adoption of another bill - No. 2232, which completely contradicts the hunters’ vision.

Recall that animals’ rights protective bill No. 2232 prohibits training hunting dogs on the live animals.

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In particular, head of the Green Power public organization, activist Andriana Baylo, notes that the adoption of the initiative of Serhiy Lytvynenko is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine, namely article 13, which regulates that every Ukrainian can use the forest and other wealth of Ukraine.

Moreover, the animal rights activist draws attention to the fact that if the bill is passed, ordinary Ukrainians will lose the opportunity to walk in the forest: “Given that 80 percent of Ukrainian forests belong to the hunting grounds, you would have to forget about free access to the forest.”

In addition, according to animal rights defenders, bill 3200-1 actually legalizes poaching under the guise of selective shooting, as well as jeopardizing the country's already few nature reserves.

Reserves are created with the aim of preserving animals and plants in a certain territory. But the hunting lobby offers to allow hunting in the NRF (natural reserve fund, eds.), which will destroy this unique ecosystem of nature reserves,” Andriana Baylo adds.

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The hunters, armed with the support of some environmentalists, in turn, note that this bill that comprehensively strengthens the fight against poaching as a mass social phenomenon, introduces approaches to prevent the death of fauna during production processes, when many animals can die, forms the proper protection and stimulates the intensive reproduction by specialized farms of the animal kingdom of the state.

One way or another, the legal analysis of the bill indicates that its norms contradict the norms of international law, the Constitution of Ukraine, and the current legislation. In turn, it creates distrust of the legislative branch as a whole. After all, the proposed introduction of hunting (which contradicts the legal content of a number of articles of the Law "On the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine") can lead not only to the destruction of rare species of animals, but also ruin the ecological balance in these territories, and a new type of hunting (open-air cage), which violates the constitutional rights of citizens, will lead to the fact that animals can be obtained by any means and for a whole year without taking into account the season of silence.

The authors of the bill offer to establish the possibility of digging holes in which a hunting dog is filled up with further mandatory updating of the topsoil above the hole. This provision contradicts paragraph 6 of article 6 of the Convention on the Protection of Wild Flora and Fauna and Natural Habitats in Europe, "according to which it is forbidden to intentionally harm or destroy the places for breeding or offspring," the legal comment to the draft law of Ukraine No. 3200-1 says.

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We cannot be sure that the MPs would give birth to the bill, the animal rights protection environment still hopes that the committee would reject it because if such a bill is passed, it will not be necessary to speak about the humanity of the Ukrainian parliament, which means that the fate of a number of zoo protection initiatives will be decided in absentia in favor of animals.

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