Ukrainians are advised to refrain from traveling to Armenia due to military conflict in country

Source : 112 Ukraine

On September 27, the command of the Azerbaijani army decided to launch a counter-offensive operation on the armed forces of Armenia
18:18, 28 September 2020

Sputnik News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recommends that Ukrainians temporarily refrain from traveling to Armenia due to the escalated military conflict there, as the press service of the Foreign Ministry said.

"In connection with the aggravation of the military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Armenia recommends to temporarily refrain from traveling to Armenia, and also calls on citizens of Ukraine who are already on the territory of the state to remain vigilant and be careful not to visit areas close to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and "Nagorno-Karabakh", the message says.

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The Foreign Ministry also recalled the rules of conduct under martial law.

It is necessary:

  • keep personal calmness, do not react to provocations;
  • always have with you an identity document (passport), information about the blood group of your own and close relatives, possible health problems (allergy to medications, etc.);
  • know the location of civil defense protective structures near the place of residence, work, in places of frequent visits (shops, the road to work, medical institutions, etc.). Without the need to try as little as possible to be outside the place of residence, work and in unfamiliar places;
  • when leaving the premises, moving along the steps of high-rise buildings or in civil defense structures (shelters), observe the rules of the right hand (as when driving a car) in order to avoid crushing.
  • to skip ahead and provide assistance to women, children, the elderly and the disabled, which will significantly reduce the duration of the shelter;
  • avoid crowded places;
  • when armed people, military equipment, or riots appear, immediately leave the area;
  • in case of hitting the area of ​​fire, hide in the nearest protective structure of civil defense, shelter (shelter). In the absence of adapted storage facilities, use the unevenness of the relief (ditches, trenches, depressions from explosions, etc.) for shelter.

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Not recommended:

- approach the windows if you hear shots;

- to observe the course of hostilities;

- to stand or cross under fire;

- to conflict with armed people;

- display weapons or objects similar to her,

- pick up abandoned weapons and ammunition.

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