Ukrainian young musicians think different - Polozhynsky

Author : Sashko Polozhynsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

The front-man of Tartak band Sashko Polozhynsky speaks on challenges of Ukrainian showbiz
13:59, 7 January 2016

112 Agency

Speaking about the Russian artists in Ukraine, almost all of them are gone, but not all. Some of them have left the showbiz, but they have stayed in the information space. This fight for cleansing of the information space is quite difficult to win.

Actually, no one makes special efforts in this direction. It is difficult to talk about what is certainly happening in the combat zone in eastern Ukraine, if you do not know it firsthand. And what could be definitely said about information war, we are losing it. We are losing it in cultural terms, because, in fact, many years ago we gave our information space to Russians, partly to the West. They dominate in our informational sphere, and the only thing we can do is to certain niches, what provokes high competitiveness.

Practically, there are no companies that would willingly invest in young and talented artists. This cases are very rare. Mostly, they are related to some personal acquaintances and connection. The advertising market is strongly linked with the information space. If the media person is famous, the budget goes in that direction. The issue of copyright is very problematic in Ukraine. Ukrainian artists do not earn with royalties, I am not talking about the young artists. The investors are not seeking for young Ukrainians, because they just cannot bring money in terms of the absence of market.

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Believe me, politics plays a significant role in all these processes. Why there are no producers in Ukraine? Because the producing, in addition to the talented, also means a special training. Someone passes this training on his own skin, messing with showbiz for many years. And only with some time he begins to understand certain things. The problem is that we do not have school the producers, and if you want to be a producer, and you have to go to the West. When you go abroad, as a rule, you stay there.

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Now we are going through a revolution in music. Firstly, a large number of young musicians who think quite differently. And it's a creative way of thinking is based on the latest technologies. I think that now the revolution is just happening.

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