Ukrainian hits against coronavirus: Best chorus to accompany washing your hands

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World Health Organization recommends to wet your hands with clean water, lather soap on every surface, scrub your hands together for at least 20 seconds, and rinse before drying
11:25, 5 March 2020

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World Health Organization recommends to wet your hands with clean water, lather soap on every surface, scrub your hands together for at least 20 seconds, and rinse before drying. We will tell you what to hum to make this process better.

So, coronavirus has already reached Ukraine. Despite the fact that the World Health Organization calls not panic, but to carefully observe elementary hygiene rules that should help prevent the infection of Covid-19, its efforts are not enough. American TV presenter Ellen Degeneres held a workshop for her viewers on proper handwashing. In addition to the WHO-approved technique that Ellen demonstrated in person, it is also important to follow a hygiene procedure of 20 seconds or more. According to the presenter, it's like singing Happy Birthday twice. But this song seemed boring to Internet users. For example, a small list of songs has already been posted on Twitter, the refrains of which last the required amount of time. We went further and collected 12 Ukrainian hits that are worth including or humming during washing your hands.

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In the recent hit by Verka Serduchka Make it Rain Champagne, the chorus is played by three consecutive cries of the song’s name. So, exactly 20 seconds elapse from the beginning of the first to the end of the last one. We turn on the water, wash our hands, and dance!

Pianoboy song Anything that doesn't kill you is suitable for antiviral hand hygiene. Here they have a certain irony.

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The thematic song from could be found among early works of Iryna BilykFrancois – at the same time talks about how the coronavirus spreads around the world (via air travel), and helps to wash your hands properly for its prevention.

Sergei Babkin has a good composition against panic. It is called "Breath slowly." Wash your hands while listening to Evas and Adams.

The nostalgic Old Photographs of Scriabin band will not only touch your soul, but will also help get rid of the infection in your hands.

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Nastya Kamensky with her I promise song promises that if you, coming from the street, wash your hands at least during the entire refrain, then you will significantly reduce the risk of infection.

The track of Tina Karol and Yulia Sanina Free not only complements the movie well, but also contains the refrain of the duration we need.

Karna’s killer rock hit Party in Subcarpathia with its double chorus is also great for preventing Covid-19. The main thing is to shake your head less and rub your hands with soap more.

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Let's go to the classics. Okean Elzy’s song Where We Are Not also suitable for fight against coronavirus.

Pavlo Zibrov’s even more classic hit Khreschatyk not only shows in the video the main street of the capital in its retro way, but also has a certain anticoronavirus effect, if combined with the approach to the washstand.

Punk music, contrary to established stereotypes, can also help in the fight for hygiene. If you agree that the fragment with the words “input-output” is a verse, the incendiary Audio-Video and their Borsch is worthy to wash your hands.

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And it would be illogical in the issue of combating Covid-19 to ignore the work of Hamerman Znyshchye Virysu (Hamerman lills viruses). The chorus of their Halves song is just enough to wash away all the viruses from your hands. Content 18+.

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