Ukraine introduces new traffic rules for drivers and cyclists: What to change from November 1?

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Speed ​​limit, road signs, car plates to change in Ukraine
10:46, 1 November 2021

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New traffic rules will be introduced in Ukraine on November 1. In particular, signs, rules of stopping and parking, marking, speed limits, classification of roads will change. All this is regulated by the new resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of September 29, 2021, № 1091 synchronously with the adoption of the new standard. How soon these new signs will appear on the roads is still unknown.

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Speed ​​limit

The most significant innovation for drivers is the speed limit outside the settlements, which are regulated by the width of the markings.

What this means: now you will not be able to move at a speed of 110 km/h if the element of the road separating traffic flows in opposite directions is not marked by marking 1.2 (markings differ in width - up to 15 cm and 20 cm).

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The new № "5.55" sign for drivers helps to orient:

  • not higher than 50 km / h - settlement;
  • not higher than 90 km / h - outside the point (but this is not for everyone, because drivers with less than 2 years of experience - up to 70 km / h, cars with a trailer - 80 km / h, motorcycles - 80 km / h, etc.)
  • plus there was a reminder that outside the city you need to turn on low beam headlights or daytime running lights from October 1 to May 1.

Signs "5.24" and "5.25" - the minimum speed is set for each lane, which can not be driven slower, so as not to interfere with others. And the red font on the sign "5.26", on the contrary, limits the maximum speed on each of the lanes.

A new marking is being introduced to mark the "lying policeman", the designated parking spaces along the roads and the approach to the roundabout, before leaving the school grounds, which indicates the place of concentration of the accident. A new one is added to the current vertical marking: yellow-red.

The traffic regulations have changed the requirements for the edge road marking in accordance with the provisions of DSTU 2587: 2021, where the edge is only the marking 1.2, which depending on the permitted speed may be of different widths.

Road Signs

There will be new road signs: a residential area, a footpath, the beginning of the settlement and its end, the direction of the turn, a place of the allowed stop and parking, a traffic ban, Ukravtodor reports.

The names of settlements are now written on white plates with a capital letter, the font has also changed.

Sign "5.42.3" - in this place there is a parking lot for trucks for loading and unloading so that it is not occupied by other cars. For trucks there is a sign "5.96.1" - a zone of weight control, where there will be special posts.

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The new sign "5.74" - when the tunnel is longer than a kilometer. Signs for tunnels "5.79.2" and "5.80" - indicate where you can find a spare way out in case of emergency and the distance to it.

"5.77" - the driver passes near the sea or river station (the sign of the cult object and the industrial zone were removed).

Like the European traffic rules, there was a sign "5.78", which indicates the frequency of radio stations that report the traffic situation.

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Instead of wreaths and chapels there is a new triangle sign "1.41" about the place of concentration of accidents.

The new sign "3.44" and "3.45" - "The movement of these vehicles is prohibited."

Toll roads: signs ("5.82.1", "5.82.2", "5.83.1", "5.83.2") are installed at the last intersection on the way to a motorway or a normal road so that drivers can turn in and out ride this section.

Service signs:

  • there were signs to indicate the charging of electric vehicles ("6.7.3", "6.7.5", "6.7.6", "6.7.7");
  • new name - "Patrol Police Road Station" ("6.10");
  • tire fitting - "6.23";

New plates for road signs

The signs are installed together with the signs and specify to whom they apply, the days on which they apply, as well as the distance of approach to the object, etc. What's new:

"7.6.7" means a method of stopping at an angle to the edge of the carriageway.

Charging place for electric cars "7.23" so that ordinary cars are not parked.

The sign of the tow truck "7.24" warns that it is better not to park the car here because it violates the rules.

"7.25" - safety island warning.

"7.26" - warning about turning on the headlights outside the city.

"7.27" - notifies about marking work (will be combined with speed limit signs).

parking signs "7.28.3" and "7.28.4" explain what kind of transport the driver can change in this place.

"7.29" - on the bike paths the signs will show the direction of two-wheeled transport in the lanes.

For cyclists

A new definition of what a "bike path" is. Also for the first time, the concept of "bicycle lane" and bicycle crossing is introduced.

"Bicycle path" - a paved path outside the carriageway and/or road, located separately or adjacent to the sidewalk or footpath ("4.14" and horizontal marking "1.36").

"Bicycle path" - a paved path outside the carriageway and/or road, located separately or adjacent to the sidewalk or footpath ("4.14" and horizontal marking "1.36").

"Bicycle lane" is designed for cycling within the roadway, marked with a sign "5.88" and horizontal markings. Other cars can't drive into it.

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The sign "4.18" appeared - a combined pedestrian and bicycle path, it is divided by a marking: a separate part of the path is intended for pedestrians, a separate - for bicycles.

Two new signs: "4.23" - a road for the combined movement of cars and bicycles, now cyclists will have the right to move on the roadway;

"5.92.1" - bicycle crossing (to cross the road, you do not need to ride a bike and walk). An analogue of this sign - 5.93.1 "- combined pedestrian crossing and bicycle crossing, for example, when the bike path crosses the roadway near the pedestrian crossing at the intersection. Cars pass them at traffic lights.

The new sign "5.94.1" and "5.94.2" is a road with an oncoming bicycle lane. The extreme left lane is allocated for the movement of bicycles that go towards the vehicle (drivers can not stop and even stop). Driving on such a road under the signs "5.95.1" and "5.95.1", drivers must pass them in this place.

For pedestrians

A novelty has appeared - a diagonal pedestrian crossing (also a new sign) so that people can legally cross the intersection diagonally, and not at their own risk. You can go where there is a traffic light that does not switch to flashing yellow mode.

The related movement of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the movement of visually impaired people is also regulated.

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