Thoughts about Universe: What is World Space Week?

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The space is infinite and full of interesting details. We should never forget about it, as well as about the contribution of space in the development of the modern society
16:56, 4 October 2021


Hitch your wagon to a star – it can be a characteristic of the work of scientists focused on space research. Step by step during many years, even small step by small step – they open new details of the space.

There are still a lot of secrets and not fewer topics for consideration. The contribution of space science and equipment in the development of modern society are the preconditions for the founding of World Space Week.

How the World Space Week was founded?

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Its appearance was difficult and disputing.

For the first time, the idea of the founding the thematic memorable day dedicated to space occurred at the third International Conference of the UN on space. It was the idea of the delegation from Morocco.

They offered to proclaim July 20 as the Day of Space and dedicate this date to the landing of the US mission on the moon.

The offer was not accepted. First of all, due to the position of Russia that did not like such an idea.

Russia provided its own variant. It was based on another date. Russia expressed the opinion that the space era has started in the Soviet Union with the launch of an artificial satellite in 1957. Thus, October 4 was offered as the date.

A number of countries have supported the offer of Russia. However, one more proposal was made.

Some countries offered to celebrate on October 10, when the Outer Space Treaty came into force.

The discussion continued for a long time but it was solved by Iran. The delegation of this country offered not to chose a day but to celebrate the whole week of space.

It should start on October 4 (as Russia offered) and end on October 10 (as the number of countries offered). That was the decision.

The UN General Assembly proclaimed World Space Week as the annual holiday on December 6, 1999.

Thematic weeks

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The World Space Week has its own peculiarity – topic. Annually, the topics of the week change.

In 2008, the topic of the week was the Research of the Universe; in 2009 – Education and Space, in 2010 – Secrets of Space; in 2017 – Researching new worlds in the space.

In 2021, the topic is Women in space. Thousands of partakers from over 90 countries will celebrate the achievement and contribution of women in the space sector and science.


As of now, World Space Week is the largest event dedicated to the consideration of space.

Its idea facilitates the formation of future specialists, solves issues of enlightenment, and facilitates international cooperation in this sphere.

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