Sokil-300: Meet Ukraine's strike drone developed by Luch construction bureau

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The UAV is developed by Luch construction bureau
15:54, 10 November 2020

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On November 6, Ukraine's state-run construction bureau Luch showcased its newest development - a tactical strike drone called Sokil-300.

The UAV is supposed to perform reconnaissance flights and deploy air strikes in the enemy's rear lines.

Sokil-300 could be equipped with one of the various engines: МС-500В-05С/СE, АІ-450Т2 or Rotax 914. Tactical and technical specifications depend on the particular kind of engine set on the drone. 

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The maximum takeoff weight varies from 1,130 to 1,225 kilograms. Cruiser weight varies from 150 km/h to 335 km/h. The maximum speed makes 580 km/h (with МС-500В-05С/СE). The top duration of the flght makes 26 hours (with Rotax-914), which makes it perfect for reconnaissance flights. With МС-500В-05С/СE installed, its flight duration only makes three hours.

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The effective range with radio connection makes 150 kilometers; if the transmitter is set, the range increases twice, up to 300 km. The maximum flight distance makes from 1,000 to 3,000 kilometers. 

The overall weight of useful load makes 300 kilograms. The drone comes equipped with a guided anti-tank missile launcher. It carries the RK-2P air-to-ground missile, with the effective range up to 10 kilometers. 

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A wide range of radioelectronic eqipment was presented, too. First of all, the gyrostabilized optical lock-on station developed by Ukraine's Izyum equipment engineering plant. This high-tech bullet is capable of surveillance, recognition and lock-on for the abovementioned missile. The station is sutiable for use in both day- and nighttime.

A small radar system is located in the front of the UAV.

Among the equipment that can be set on the drone is also the new unique radar with synthesized aperture, developed by Radionix company. This system is useful to help the drone perform digital mapping and reconnaissance flights even through the clouds. 

Sokil 300 5

The flight management system includes an autopilot, the inertial navtigation system, and the system to perform flights withe the use of maps of the landscape.

It took Luch 1,5 years to develop the drone. The approximate price of one UAV of this class makes some 1.6 million dollars; further, the price will gradually drop because of serial production. 

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