Short stories of animals that suffered during Ukrainian wildfires

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Firefighters literally are saving barely alive creatures on the still-smoldering ashes
11:13, 27 April 2020

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Almost every day, reports on fires come from different parts of the country. All living things try to escape. Firefighters literally are saving barely alive creatures on the still-smoldering ashes. But sometimes fire is faster than them.

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This baby was saved on April 13 during a dry grass burning on the outskirts of Luhiny village, Zhytomyr Region.

"Now the bunny is healing at the house of his rescuer, and then it would be handed over to specialists who to help him adapt in our turbulent world," the State Emergencies Ministry said.

Rescuers expressed the hope that new fines, which would significantly hit the arsonists' wallets, would protect future innocent lives from a terrible death.

The following video is from the Dnipropetrovsk region, where a hedgehog was rescued during a fire of reeds and dry grass.

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The animal was burned, but, as noted by employees of the State Emergencies Ministry, it will survive. It was released into the wild.

Photos of another charred hedgehog were published by the Dnipro television channel Vidkritiy.

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The animal was found by a local resident near the village of Mohyliv.

On April 5, the Buchansky town council published these photos, specifying that the rescuers paid off the dead wood set on fire by someone else’s hand.

The winch, which could not leave its nest, was burned.

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Empty bird's nest in the conflagration.

This photo was posted on April 7 by the Kharkiv rescuers. Once again, the State Emergency Situations Committee emphasized that along with the long dead grass, all living things die too:

"Thick smoke strengthens roads, reducing visibility for drivers. Flames destroy not only grass, bushes, and trees, but also animals that live in the soil: they burn out alive."

In Mykolaiv a turtle during was rescued while the firefighters were extinguishing dead wood. It was dipped in a bucket of water to cool. In the video you can hear the water hissing, because the shell is very hot.

Another touching story from Chornobyl radiation-ecological biosphere – the mother-mare of this little horse of Przhevalsky is lost. Therefore, the animal had to look for a new home.

"Foresters saw a foal wandering near one of the conflagrations of the exclusion zone. Perhaps the frightened herd somehow didn’t notice how he had lost the baby... Whatever it was, the baby needed to be rescued urgently," the message reads.

Foresters reported the findings to the reserve staff.

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"And here several important tasks arose immediately: to find a place where someone could take care of the foal professionally; obtain a conditional pass through the checkpoint; find volunteers who could deliver the baby to the shelter. Since the foal did not feel very well (he was two weeks only!), it was necessary to solve everything as quickly as possible," the reserve employees state.

The horse was taken by a Wildlife Shelter, which is part of the equestrian club "Tycoon" near Kyiv. The security services of the reserve and the State Agency for the Management of the Exclusion Zone worked smoothly, thanks to which the foal was quickly and unhindered through the checkpoint. And there it was already taken away by zooprotective volunteers.

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Since yesterday, a little horse has already been assimilated in a new house. Specialists of the Shelter ... noticed he had burns from wandering around a burn. He also had colic... That is, the foal will have to improve his health with the new parents,” reads the message.

And here's another photo of tiny squirrels, who were also saved from fire in the exclusion zone.

The Chornobyl Radiation-Ecological Biosphere Reserve has opened a fundraiser to help animals.

“Videos and photos with Przhevalsky’s horses, perplexedly wandering around the conflagration, appeared on the web. So, ungulates escaped from the fire, but they are disoriented and scared. Not only did they have to flee from the flame that flashed in one, then in another place, a continuous veil of smoke annoyed them no less," the reserve representatives said.

Employees of the reserve noted that Przewalski’s horses have a special period: in April-May, pregnant mares begin to foal. Around the same time, deer and moose females also give birth.

"Therefore, we would appreciate any help will. And the matter is not only in the feed, although this issue is extremely important," the message said.

Details for help can be found here.

Unfortunately, these stories are not rare in Ukraine.

On April 16, dry grass was set on fire in the Holosiyivsky National Nature Park in Kyiv.

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As a result, a strong fire broke out, during which a beaver came out of the forest to people. The animal was badly burned, and his eyes were scorched. It was not possible to save him.

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