Shooting, new assault attempts: What's happening on Belarus-Poland border right now?

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On Monday, November 8, thousands of migrants from the Middle East approached the border near Kuznitsa Belostotskaya. The crowd began to storm the border, the Polish police used tear gas
15:19, 11 November 2021


The migrants set up a tent camp on the Belarusian side of the border and tried to warm up near bonfires. But the place of the incident is near the northern borders of Poland, the migrants were freezing in conditions of subzero temperatures and strong winds.
Wednesday night was turbulent: two groups of migrants managed to force their way across the border into Poland, and shots were heard on the Belarusian side. New accusations were also voiced: Poland called Lukashenko only the executor of the imperial plans of Russia, which is considered the real organizer of the crisis.
We update the latest information about what is happening on the Polish-Belarusian border now, tell how the migrants spent the night in the forest and whether they are going to start the assault again, as well as about the new steps of the Polish government in solving the migration crisis.

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Poland celebrates Independence Day and fears provocations

Various mass events and marches are planned for Thursday in Poland in connection with the celebration of Independence Day, which requires the presence of a large number of law enforcement officers on the streets.

At the same time, the authorities fear that Thursday "may be full of destabilizing actions."

Attacks on border guards and about 500 attempts to cross

Poland recorded 468 attempts to cross the border during the day, the Border Guard Service said on Twitter this morning. The decision to expel 42 foreigners from Poland.
Attacks on border guards have recently become more frequent:

- Yesterday in the area of ​​Belovezhskaya, a group of several hundred migrants tried to cross the border by force. Objects were thrown at the soldiers, and later they tried to destroy the fence. They fired warning shots into the air. After the arrival of reinforcements, the situation calmed down.

- Today there was another attack of migrants on the soldier. He was hit in the chest with a branch. He fired two warning shots into the air. Everything is fine with the soldier. Aggressive attackers left.

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A 14-year-old Kurd died at the border, - media

As journalist Shimon Opryshek wrote on the portal, citing his sources in a camp at the border crossing in Kuznytsia-Bialystok, a 14-year-old Kurdish boy died there on Wednesday (November 10).

"Belarusian services took the teenager to the hospital," said two Iraqis with whom he has been in contact since the beginning of the camp.

There is also unconfirmed information about a woman who died the same day.

Poland will strengthen the border

Deputy Interior Minister of Poland Maciej Wonsik announced that the construction of a permanent wall at the border will begin this year. It will be built by the end of the first half of 2022.

Ukraine has tightened security on the border with Belarus
The border between Ukraine and Belarus is 1084 km, which is not fenced, not even with barbed wire, as is done in Poland.

Yesterday, Ukraine tightened border protection with Belarus. Militiamen are brought to the increased combat readiness. So far, the situation in this direction remains calm. All checkpoints continue to operate.

Denys Monastyrsky, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Serhiy Deyneko, the head of the State Tax Service, will inspect the Ukrainian-Polish border. They will arrive at the Grabovo border unit (located near the borders of Belarus and Poland), get acquainted with the situation at the border and identify ways to strengthen it.

The UN Security Council will consider the situation at the border

The UN Security Council will urgently consider the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border today. Estonia, Ireland and France convened an urgent meeting.


The night at the border was hectic

On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, two groups managed to force their way through the border in the area of ​​Krynok and Bialowieza. The border guards were ordered to transport the refugees back to the forest - some of the people were returned back. According to Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, some of the migrants were arrested.


During the night there were many attempts to break through the border. Now the methods of action look somewhat different: two days ago there was one large group concentrated near the Kuznitsa Belostotskaya. Small groups are now attacking the border in several places at the same time.
At the moment, in Bialowieza, they are trying to return a large group of migrants back. They managed to cross the border through the swamps in the area of ​​the Wysokie Bagno nature reserve. Police cars drive through the village and broadcast messages in Arabic and English, informing refugees that they have entered Poland illegally and that they must return to Belarus. There is a lot of army in the city. Military trucks are parked in the streets. Several dozen tents for the army were set up at the stadium.

In total, 599 illegal border crossing attempts were recorded yesterday, Polish border guards said. 9 people were detained. Decisions to leave Poland were made against 48 people. 3 people were detained for complicity.
Dozens of bonfires burned in the forests near the border on Tuesday evening. The night temperature dropped to -2 degrees. Security is currently guarded by 15,000 soldiers.

Spokesman for the Polish special services Stanislav Zharin released an SMS from Belarusians with instructions for migrants trying to cross the Polish-Belarusian border.
"Prepare banners, distribute to the children," the instructions say.

Shots from the Belarusian side

At a briefing, the Polish border service on Wednesday said that shots were still heard from the Belarusian side. Border guards "observe non-standard reactions, for example, reloading weapons" among the Belarusian military in uniform.
According to the Ministry of Defense of Poland, the Belarusian side hits the migrants with weapons.


“We have also recorded acts of violence on the part of Belarusians,” the Defense Ministry reports, publishing new records.
The Belarusian Telegram channel NEXTA has published a recording of allegedly Belarusian soldiers carrying a corpse at the border.

"Presumably, this is a migrant, a man in a medical uniform is walking in front," the journalists said.

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Lukashenko is only a performer

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the migration crisis is the most serious attack on the borders and stability of the Polish state in the past 30 years. Moravetsky said that, in his opinion, Alexander Lukashenko is simply the executor of the tasks set before him by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"On the eastern border, we have a direct use of violence against the sovereign Polish state. On the eastern border, we are dealing with the staging of a performance, the goal of which is to violate the Polish border, bring chaos to Poland, to the EU," said Mateusz Morawiecki. Moravetsky also accused Lukashenka of using people as human shields to destabilize the situation. He also clarified that these are migrants, not refugees.

He added that the column of migrants was stopped by barbed-net fences built in the summer. If this had not been done, the migrants would have calmly invaded the territory of Poland.

The Prime Minister of Poland warned Ukraine that illegal immigrants from Belarus could try to get to the EU countries not only through Poland, but also through the territory of Ukraine.

Poland is now considering the scenario of a complete closure of the border with Belarus, if it does not stop its actions.

Germany has deployed a reception point for migrants
On the border with Poland, Germany has opened a new reception point for migrants from Belarus. Thus, in Frankfurt an der Oder in Brandenburg, a new center was opened, which can receive 400 migrants a day.
All this in order to take fingerprints and interrogate them in better conditions. The number of migrants arriving in Germany from the Polish-Belarusian border is growing.

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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has threatened Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to extend and tighten EU sanctions.
“The European Union cannot be blackmailed. We will punish everyone who participates in the purposeful transport of migrants. Lukashenka must understand that his calculations will not be crowned with success,” Maas said.
Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will meet on Wednesday with President of the European Council Charles Michel. He will come to Poland.
It is not excluded that on this day this topic will be raised in the European Parliament. Ursula von der Leyen also mentioned the migration crisis. The head of the European Commission stated that Belarus should stop endangering people's lives.


Migrants set up a tent camp on the Belarusian side of the border near Kuznitsa last night and are continuing to expand it, spokesman for the special services coordinator Stanislav Zharin told TVP Info. They are guarded by Belarusian services.
Poles expect more aggressive provocations and actions on the border itself. At the moment, there are already 12-15 thousand migrants there. Poland expects the campground to operate for many more days.

Note that there is a state of emergency on the Polish side of the border and media work is impossible.
Zharin said that the night passed quite calmly, but it was not without incidents. Yesterday 309 attempts of illegal border crossing were recorded. 17 people (mostly Iraqi citizens) were detained. 85 decisions were issued to leave the territory of the Republic of Poland. Six people were arrested (two citizens of Iraq, one citizen of Uzbekistan, one citizen of Syria, one citizen of Sweden and one citizen of Germany).


In the Kuznica area, Polish army engineers are trying to repair sections of a barbed wire fence destroyed during yesterday's assault attempt.
This morning, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, together with Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, arrived at the Kuznica, where they met with border guards and soldiers.

Morawiecki said that he knows about the living conditions of migrants and Poland is sending one humanitarian convoy after another, but they are being deployed by the Belarusian side.

He called it "a completely planned action aimed at violating the sovereignty of the state." Moravetsky accused Belarus of organizing the influx of migrants.


"Defending the Polish border is in our national interests. But today the stability and security of the entire European Union is under threat. This hybrid attack by the Lukashenka regime is aimed at all of us. We will not be intimidated and will defend peace in Europe together with our partners from NATO and the EU," - Moravetsky wrote soon on Twitter.

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Lithuania could be next

Over the course of Tuesday morning, almost a hundred attempts to illegally enter the territory of Lithuania from Belarus have already been recorded - more than in the entire past day, the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service told BNS.

At night, Belarusian border guards transferred hundreds of illegal migrants to the border with Lithuania. They set up camp at night on the Belarusian side near the Kapchamestskaya Pushcha near the village of Kadysh. A group of 500 people was brought here from the place where a large group of migrants had gathered on the eve of the border with Poland.

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The illegal immigrants themselves told Delfi that late in the evening the Belarusian military forced 500 migrants into military trucks and took them away in an unknown direction.


“It was dark when a lot of soldiers showed up. We were at the Polish border since Sunday, near the gas station. The Belarusian military were there since lunch on Monday, they were with dogs, armed. soldiers. Those who were not in the center of the camp were put in big cars, all - children, families, 500 people. They were told to sit down, they said that they would be taken to Poland. People were crying, asking not to be taken anywhere, not to be separated from the camp and loved ones Then the Belarusian border guards started shooting in the air. They put us in cars and drove somewhere for about an hour, "the illegal immigrants said.

At about midnight, it turned out that the illegal immigrants had been brought to the Lithuanian border, to the village of Kadysh on the territory of Belarus.

In this regard, the Lithuanian government proposes to the Seimas to introduce a state of emergency on the border with Belarus for a month.

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