Savior of the Apple Feast Day: Origins, meaning and traditions

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It is believed that on this day apples help cure various diseases
08:04, 19 August 2020

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On August 19, the orthodox Christians celebrate Savior of the Apple Feast Day. This holiday commemorates the transfiguration of Jesus Christ. According to The Bible, Jesus and his disciples climbed Mount Tabor and began to pray. On the mountain, Jesus begins to shine with bright rays of light. Seeing this, the apostles were filled with bliss.

Later people began to bring grapes and apples to the churches in gratitude. The fruits were blessed and it symbolized the spiritual sweetness felt by the Disciples of Christ at the time of his Transfiguration. Hence the second popular name of the holiday - Apple Spas.

According to the tradition, apples and grapes of the new harvest are blessed on the Apple Spas, and after that, the fruits are taken to the cemetery and left on the graves of the deceased.

It is believed that on this day apples have a special power, can fulfill desires, and cure diseases. Especially if you cut a piece, soak it in honey and eat.

On this day it is customary to bake apples, pies and pancakes with apples. According to folk traditions, pies should be baked from lean dough. You can also make a compote and jam from apples. Also on this day, it is allowed to relax the fast a bit: eat fish and drink some wine.

Popular beliefs

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In the times of Kyivan Rus it was believed that if on Savior of the Apple Feast Day the hair was combed with an apple tree comb, the curls would be thick and lush.

Religious people say that you can't eat apples until the Apple Spas. This prohibition is due to the ancient belief that angels in heaven treat dead children with fruit. If the mother of the deceased child ate an apple too early, the baby in heaven will not get it.

It is forbidden to work on this holiday, except for harvesting and cooking. For example, you cannot sew, clean and repair anything.

It is customary to treat the needy and children with apples blessed in the church. It is believed that the more apples you give - the more favorable fate will be.

A long time ago, the weather on Savior of the Apple Feast Day predicted what the next season would be like: if the day was sunny and cloudless, then autumn would be dry, and if it was rainy, the autumn would be rainy. But a clear day portends a frosty winter with blizzards.

Common superstitions on Apple Spas:

  • As the weather will be on August 19, so will The Intercession of the Theotokos on October 14.
  • Apple Feast Day - don't hide your gloves away.
  • If the fruit is rotten, then next year will be difficult.
  • If a child is bitten by a bee that day, there will soon be guests in the house. It's time to prepare for the reception of acquaintances or relatives.
  • If you help people this day, they will return a favour.
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