Russian media reacts to recent Elon Musk's twit on WWIII

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Russian media approach a number of military experts to comment on the Musk's phrase on the artificial intellect most likely to cause WW3
16:57, 5 September 2017

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 In response to Musk’s recent Twit Nikolay Lakhonin, the press-secretary of the Russian Embassy in Washington, urged Elon Musk not to be concerned about the artificial intellect development in Russia in his Twitter.

“Don't worry about Russia, Elon Musk,” Nikolay Lakhonin writes in his response to Musk’s recent twit. He also used Putin’s quotation: “If we become leaders in AI area, we will share this know-how with entire world”.

Russia’s TV Rain reported Musk’s recent Twit as his “warning to Putin about the danger of the artificial intellect”.

“Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk slammed an idea of artificial intellect,” the TV Rain writes

TV Rain

Moscow Komsomolets, a Moscow-based daily newspaper with a circulation approaching one million published the news under the title “Elon Musk predicted WWIII, military officials object”.

“Elon Musk unespectedly replied to Vladimir Putin: the head of SpaceX wrote in his twitter that competition for artificial superiority may become the most likely cause of WW3 (recently Russian President said: thosw, who owns this technology will own the whole world). What did Elon Musk ment?” writes the outlet.

Moscow Komsomolets approached Mark Tverdynin, a member of board of directors of the Regional public center of Internet- technology.

“It is difficult to infer the level of Russian developments in this sphere. Possibly, we are delaying in social, consumer level. Of course, open source data do not provide this kind of information on the global level. I do not rule out that the current threat of the artificial intellect does really exist for 30% - 40%. The other thing is whether the artificail intellect is capable to develop itself if it has a certain program installed? We are aware that there exist people who are potential murders. By analogy such kind of machines can also exist. In my opinion, Russia can move forward in creating leading digital technologies and become a leader. It’s not necessary to build plants or produce ore. Brains are needed – a we do have them. We also have funds for research”.

Moscow Komsomolets also publishes the opinion of Igor Korotchenko, a military expert and editor-in-chief of National Defense Journal.

“All the decisions on nuclear fire on the basis of missile warning system alerts are not made by the artificial intellect, which doesn’t yet exist anywhere in the world. And the Commander in Chief of the country is a President. This is the order in Russia, China, U.S. and other countries with nuclear arsenal. Referring to Russia, unauthorized missile launches are excluded in general. Security system fully rules out the extraneous interference. I am sure that other countries have the same control system activated. What is this talk about?”

Mr. Korotchenko believes that the president will take the decision in the foreseeable future, and not as Mr. Musk assumed.

“I repeat once again: the decision is taken by a president, not by a computer. It’s going to be so in the foreseeable historical future, and not as Mr. Musk assumes. This is a chimaera in his head. He is quite a wealthy man, he is entertaining himself, planting horror stories on us,” said the military expert in his comments to MK.


AI technologies on their current level of their development do not enable the robotic centers to independently take decisions on the start of military actions, machines won’t have this kind of opportunity in the future either. Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, the President of the Geopolitical Problems Academy said that in his commentary to the Ria Novosti.

“This is the veriest nonsense. A man takes decisions today, and a machine is only an instrument. No one will grant a machine with such powerful capabilities for it is able to independently take decisions on the beginning of the war. Musk’s scenario is totally unrealistic,” Ivashov said.

The Life.Ru called titled the piece of news as “Elon Musk sees rudiments of World War III.

The moscow Times says Elon Musk "imagines WWIII".

And a bit of social media reaction:

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"Elon Mask pointed towards a new idea about cyber games on Apokalypsys. WWIII to start because of the competition for AI technologies."

"Belarussians are creating electric tractor. Elon Musk got tense."

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