Robert Koch Institute scientists reveal where people mostly get infect with Covid-19

Source : 112 Ukraine

Mostly the coronavirus is transmitted from human to human through airborne droplets
13:46, 26 August 2020

In most cases, the coronavirus is transmitted from human to human through airborne droplets, as Deutsche Welle reported.

The scientists of Robert Koch Institute noted that the Covid-19 actively spreads by the air not only through a cough or runny nose but also due to the breathing – by the so-called aerosol way.

The specialists concluded that the possibility of infection through touching the surfaces with the virus (for example in the supermarket) is much lower.

According to the Institute, the infection is mostly spread in enclosed spaces, where it is hard to observe the social distance. Mostly, people get infected in their own families – an infected member of family averagely infects 3.2 persons.

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The retirement homes are the second place of Covid-19 outbreaks – one carrier of the virus averagely infects 19 people. In the refugee hostels - one carrier of the virus averagely infects 21 people.

Much less often, people get infected outdoors. The possibility to infect in the restaurants, hotels, and offices is not high.

Concerning public transport, for example, trains, it is almost impossible to detect the level of risk. It is very difficult to determine a passenger who became the first infected person and follow the contacts of this passenger.

One more factor is the negligent behavior of people. Especially, it concerns young people who mostly have mild disease and consider themselves to be less vulnerable and do not realize that they can infect other people.

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Besides, the preferred way of fight against the spread of the coronavirus is to observe preventive measures, particularly, social distancing and wearing facial masks.

As of early August 26, the number of those infected with Covid-19 in Ukraine reached 110,085; that is, another 1,670 cases have been confirmed over 24 hours. 2,354 citizens passed away due to complications caused by the disease (+36 over day); 53,454 recovered from it since the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine (+584 over day). 

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