Protests of anti-vaccinators in Ukraine. Why don't people want to get vaccinated?

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Vaccine myths and underestimation of pandemic risks can influence decision, new survey suggests
20:17, 8 November 2021

Rally against vaccination taking place in Kyiv
Ukrayinska Pravda

Hundreds of people rallied in Kyiv against vaccinations and blocked traffic on a number of streets. Despite the covid restrictions (travel is now allowed only for vaccinated people or test holders), anti-vaccinators from different regions of Ukraine nevertheless came to Kyiv and somehow reached the Verkhovna Rada.

The protesters without masks demanded the abolition of mandatory vaccinations for a number of professions, as well as a "lockdown for the unvaccinated." Among them were grandmothers with crosses, icons and "Say no to digital ghetto and Covid passports" posters. A column of protesters carried a "Human Rights" poster. In the comments to journalists people admitted that they consider the coronavirus a fiction, recalled the world conspiracy and "we not going to allow inject this chemical."

Why don't Ukrainians want to get vaccinated?

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine conducted a national representative survey, according to which 60% of all Ukrainians are positive about vaccination against Covid-19 and 62% agree that vaccinations are necessary.

But there are also those who have doubts. Among the main reasons are the underestimation of the risks of Covid-19, myths about vaccinations and the reluctance to be re-vaccinated if necessary.

Among those who have not yet been vaccinated and do not want to do so, most do not trust vaccines. They believe that vaccination carries more risks than the coronavirus itself and do not want to endure the side effects.

Almost a quarter believe that they have contraindications to vaccination (in fact, less than 1% of people may have absolute contraindications).

Those who do not want to get vaccinated do not see a pandemic as a serious threat or Covid-19 as a disease that should be vaccinated against at all.

More than half of those who do not want to be vaccinated would not trust the advice of a doctor, 48% did not discuss the issue of vaccination with a doctor, and 6% did not recommend vaccination.

Vaccine myths

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, social media has become a platform for war between supporters and opponents of vaccination. Commentators accuse doubters of ignorance and selfishness. In response, they do not trust the composition of the vaccines or cite conspiracy theories.

In particular, the most popular myth about vaccination is the belief that with the help of vaccinations the population is "chipped" for mass control, says social psychologist Olga Dukhnich, Zaborona reports.

"This myth is a logical continuation of the theory of the artificial origin of the coronavirus. Thus, the anti-vaccinator has everything in a logical chain: first, a virus was specially created to infect the entire population, and then everyone was forced to be vaccinated," explains Olga Dukhnich.

The theory that "vaccines kill the eighth gene, which is responsible for communication with God," did not arise out of nowhere. In 2004, American scientist Dean Hammer announced that he had discovered a special gene responsible for spirituality.

And in 2021, Bill Gates said that RNA vaccines are injected into the body with "instructions" that make antibodies. The anti-vaccinators have snatched out fragmentary information and interpreted it in their own way.

"Why are they doing this? They want to chip us! It's a simple answer that explains everything," says Dukhnich.

According to her, if the death rate from the coronavirus does not scare anti-vaccination workers, then any death after vaccination (but not from it) is immediately remembered.

Mockery of doctors and relatives of the deceased, - Ministry of Health

Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko

Health Minister Viktor Lyashko called the rally a "mockery" of doctors and relatives of those who died from coronavirus.

"The gathering of people that we see today calling not to get vaccinated is, in my opinion, a mockery of our doctors and families, who, unfortunately, have lost their relatives due to Covid-19," Lyashko said.

He added that in intensive care units "the anti-vaccination spirit disappears very quickly" and fake certificates do not work.

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