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A patient with the suspicion on coronavirus was hospitalized to University Hospital in Krakow, Poland, as RMF24 reported.

It is reported that this patient has visited Asia recently, not China.

The results of the test for infection would be announced today or tomorrow.

It is the third case in the University Hospital. However, the infection was never confirmed before.

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As we reported, 23,290 people in the world have been cured of coronavirus, the number of infected has grown to almost 80,000.

Earlier it was reported that in Italy the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection has risen sharply and now exceeds 100. In this regard, the Italian government-imposed restrictions on freedom of movement in areas in the north of the country where cases of infection were especially prevalent. People are not allowed to leave their municipalities, and entry is also closed.

Iran has confirmed 15 new cases of the coronavirus, taking the total to 43 with a death toll of eight.