Patriarch Filaret and professor of theology criticize new name of Ukrainian church

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The Patriarch Filaret and Professor of Art History of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy are outraged because the Ukrainian church is called incorrectly
22:16, 23 January 2019

The Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC-KP) Filaret is outraged that the Autocephalous Church is called the new church. He wants the Orthodox Church of Ukraine to be called as it is - Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Filaret said that on the closed meeting of clerics, the report of which the Alliance of Orthodox Journalists has.

Filaret also gained support from other members of the meeting like Dmytro Stepovyk, the leading member of the Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology of Maxim Rylsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor of Art History of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy. Both of them plead all the people attending the meeting not use the term “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” in the press. The people’s reaction was loud applause.

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“The enemies will do everything in order our church could lose its unity. Their main goal is to separate us. As I have already mentioned this name was imposed on us, it is not ours. Who has something to do with the press should help us to eradicate the name from the mass media. It is not our name. We are Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as others: Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Russian, Serbian and so on. But the Orthodox Church of Ukraine means that it is not a dominant church, but just one of the churches in Ukraine. But we are not “in Ukraine”, we are the Ukrainian church. We are – the dominant church of Ukraine”, - Filaret said.

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He also addressed to Father Mykhail asking him to help to eradicate the name from the press. “Father Mykhail, you post something on the Internet. Whoever wants to call the church this way, let it be. However, in our Ukrainian sources the Orthodox Church of Ukraine should not be mentioned. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church – yes, but not – the Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, - Filaret also said.

Professor of Art History of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy
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“Dear participants of this meeting, you have just heard the important words of our spiritual abbot. I have been giving these days, from January 1, and perhaps from December 15, about ten, if not more, interviews. Holy Archimandrite and I categorically reject this name, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine was even used in Istanbul. We have remained the Ukrainian Orthodox Church since June 5, 1990. And those ambidextrous terms, as if philological ones, distort the truth and mislead the ordinary people. Today during my liturgy an older man approached me and asked: "Why does nobody remind about Patriarch Filaret these days?" I said to him: "You are probably a bit deafer than I am. They recollect him from time to time, and they will continue to do so”, - Stepovyk said.  

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“After today’s clarifications I ask everybody of us to stop using this term and under no condition should we use the Orthodox Church in Ukraine or of Ukraine in press. Only the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and only with the possessive case. Why do Bulgarians can the church correctly, and I have been there, I know what kind of believers they are, something between the pagans and ... I have also been to Serbia. I have not been to Greece yet, I do not want. But I have been to Macedonia, and all their small Orthodox churches are used with the possessive cases. However, we are being imposed on another form of the name. Let’s reject it and sharply criticize. Glory to you, your Holiness. You will be our patriarch as long as you live. No other way is possible”, - Stepovyk added and the people applauded loudly.

On April 14, 2018, 268 deputies in the Ukrainian parliament voted to appeal to Constantinople to grant autocephaly, or independence, to the Orthodox church. On December 15, the Unification Assembly in Kyiv elected the head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of the former Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC KP) Epifaniy (Dumenko). On the same day, the archbishops adopted the charter of the new church. On January 5, Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew signed the official document known as the tomos that created an Orthodox Church of Ukraine, independent of Russia.

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