Over 130 US diplomats and soldiers abroad diagnosed with brain damage

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The United States is investigating the involvement of Russia's intelligence services in these attacks
18:51, 13 May 2021

Over 130 US diplomats and soldiers abroad diagnosed with brain damage
The New York Times

More than 130 American diplomats, soldiers and other US officials abroad have been diagnosed with brain damage in the past five years. The US authorities are studying these cases and the possible involvement of Russian intelligence services. The New York Times reported this.

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The initial publicly confirmed cases were concentrated in China and Cuba and numbered about 60. The new total adds cases from Europe and elsewhere in Asia.

“Since December, at least three C.I.A. officers have reported serious health effects from episodes overseas. One occurred within the past two weeks,” the statement says.

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The US government is investigating the incidents, cases of brain damage have been registered for about five years. The CIA has formed a new task force to try to gather information about the episodes, how they happened and who is responsible.

But US authorities have not yet determined who or what is responsible for these episodes and whether it is an attack.

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“Though some Pentagon officials believe Russia’s military intelligence agency, the G.R.U., is most likely behind the case of the 2-year-old, and evidence has emerged that points to Russia in other cases, the intelligence agencies have not concluded any cause or whether a foreign power is involved,” The New York Times writes.

Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement.

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As it was reported, In Denmark, a 36-year-old Russian man was sentenced to three years in prison for spying for Russia. The decision was made by a unanimous trial court in Aalborg on Monday, May 10.

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