Over 10 million Ukrainians received first dose, high mortality: Covid-19 latest news

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In Ukraine, an aggressive mutation of the Delta coronavirus has become dominant among new Covid cases
23:14, 4 November 2021

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The rate of spread of the strain has increased significantly - one such infected person can infect 5-8 people on average. This is arguably the most contagious option. Research shows it is 40-60% more infectious than Britain's Alpha. In addition, the strain may be more likely to infect people who are only partially vaccinated and increases the risk of hospitalization.

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Strain "Delta" (B.1.617.2) was first discovered in India in December 2020. Now it has become one of the most dangerous strains of coronavirus circulating around the world.

We have collected for you the latest news on the fight against coronavirus in Ukraine and other countries of the world. The data is constantly updated.

Already 10 million Ukrainians have been vaccinated against Covid-19

In Ukraine, since the beginning of the coronavirus vaccination campaign, more than 10.6 million Ukrainians have received the first dose, almost 7.6 million have been fully immunized. Thus, every third adult is vaccinated at least once.

A total of 18,3 million vaccinations were carried out. And over the past day, 273 307 people were vaccinated. This is significantly higher than yesterday's figure. The first dose of the vaccine was received by 229,100 people, and the second - by 81,339.

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Most of the vaccinations were made with Pfizer - 147 210. The fewest vaccines were produced by Sinovac - 132 971 and AstraZeneca - 30 258.

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More than 27,000 patients and 699 deaths

In Ukraine, 3 006 463 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected per day, another 699 patients died (the death rate is third only to the anti-record on October 26, when the number reached 734).

The largest number is in Kyiv (2024), Dnepropetrovsk (1935), Odesa (1858), Zaporizhya (1558), and Kharkiv (1374) regions.

In Kyiv, 69 people have died over the past day - this is a new anti-record.

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Three more areas at risk of falling into the "red" zone

Volyn, Kharkiv, and Ternopil regions are in the risk zone of falling into the "red" zone, said the head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Lyashko at a briefing today.

As of November 4, 15 regions and Kyiv are already in the "red" quarantine zone.

Protest of antivaccinators in Kyiv

In front of the Verkhovna Rada in the morning, a protest of anti-vaccination workers from hundreds of people from all over Ukraine gathered. It was difficult to get to the capital without vaccinations, but they got there.

The protesters moved to the government block, making it difficult to move on the roads in the area. The protesters came without masks. This is one of the rules of the action. People also chant various "anti-vaccination" slogans, such as "No to medical terrorism" and "For the restoration of law and order in Ukraine."

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Certificates in the Diya app are now available for holders of passports-books

Ukrainians who have not yet acquired an ID card or biometric passport and have kept paper passports will also be able to receive vaccination certificates through the Diya application.

Until now, holders of paper passports could obtain a certificate only on the Diya portal from a computer, provided that the doctor entered all the data correctly.

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A new outbreak of coronavirus in China

In China, 93 new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified. Of these, 35 cases were recorded in Heihe City. A new wave of "internal" infections began on 17 October.

Despite the strict restrictive measures taken by the Chinese authorities, the geography of new infections is expanding. At the same time, attention is drawn to the fact that eight people became infected in Beijing - this is the highest rate of internal cases of infection in the capital since January 19 of this year.

In this regard, the authorities recommend that Beijing residents refuse to travel outside the city, postpone weddings, simplify the organization of funerals, and reduce mass events. To curb population migration, Beijing airports have canceled over half of their scheduled flights.

Oxygen factories are back in operation
Ukrainian plants for the production of oxygen, the work of which was suspended, started working at full capacity and began to deliver it to the country's hospitals, TSN reports. The First Deputy Minister of Health said that there is no oxygen deficiency and interruptions can occur exclusively with the delivery logistics. The Ministry of Health also assured that they have a plan in case there are even more patients.

"Diya" support points were opened in Kyiv

"We will show you how to generate a certificate on your own immediately after vaccination," says Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedoriv.

They are already working in such vaccination centers:

Central Railway Station, pl. Vokzalnaya, 1;
Shopping center River Mall, Dnipro embankment, 12.
In a few days, two more new items will appear.

How long will the lockdown last in Kyiv?

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko predicts that the lockdown in the capital may last for at least a month.

“It all depends on the dynamics of morbidity, on the occupancy of beds in hospitals. But preliminary experts say that a very difficult period can take at least a month. According to the criteria of the orange zone, in accordance with this, the commission for emergency situations of the city will make a decision to weaken some restrictions. Today, unfortunately, there is no such trend yet. And the peak incidence, as noted by experts, virologists, doctors, we have not yet reached. Therefore, once again I appeal to everyone: be careful, follow the key safety rules, and get vaccinated," Klitschko stressed.

The second day of the lockdown in the capital is accompanied by huge traffic jams, and long lines formed at the bus stops. The capital's minibusses are overcrowded with people. Social distance in minibusses is not respected, however, almost all passengers travel in vehicles wearing masks.

Kyiv residents who use the metro said that some metro stations do not have Covid patrols. However, they were seen in train carriages. Police officers randomly check documents confirming that passengers are not sick with Covid-19.

The Netherlands introduces new coronavirus restrictions

The Netherlands is imposing new restrictions this week in response to rising coronavirus cases. Most likely, we will talk about the more widespread wearing of masks in public places, as well as the increased use of passes confirming the presence of vaccination against coronavirus, or a recently passed negative test.

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