New clubhouse professions: 7 simple ways to make money on hype social network

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Following Instagram and TikTok, the world was surprised by a new social network - Clubhouse. This platform is built only on voice communication and provides a space for bloggers, experts, entrepreneurs, politicians and others who are ready to share their knowledge with everyone
21:37, 2 March 2021

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The social network was created less than a year ago, and it is available only for owners of Apple technology. However, the creators of Clubhouse have already started developing an official version of the application for Android. Despite the limited access, the social network has managed to collect more than 8 million users around the world and continues to grow in popularity every day.

In this regard, the question arises - how to make money on a hype social network? Official monetization, such as targeting Instagram or Facebook, is not available here yet. Especially for you, we have found other methods that you can use right now and without special skills.

Invite to social network for money

You can officially enter the Clubhouse by invitation. Upon registration, each user has up to three invitations available. But if he actively participates in the "rooms", creates various events, then the number of his invites is replenished.

The demand for the social network is growing, and there are not enough invitations for everyone. This is used by some enterprising members of the "club" who sell their invites at various sites. According to the director of the LEAD9 mobile marketing agency, Nazar Grynyk, this is the most common way of earning money so far.

"The cost of invites on various sites is within a few tens of dollars. Since this is a fairly new thing, most of the users are trying, targeting," the expert noted.

The mechanism of honest earnings of large sums is not yet clear. But another mechanism that scammers actively use is understandable - the sale of non-working invitations. Therefore, before buying invites, you need to think a few times.

Sell ​​your services and goods

Whether you are a psychologist, pastry chef, make-up artist, marketer, fitness trainer, or just a specialist in a particular industry, you can attract additional clients through the Clubhouse. In "rooms" you can share your experience, knowledge, unobtrusively urging to buy a service or product from you.

"Brands set up rooms and talk about their product, service or sponsor famous people to attract the audience and remember them. It's really nothing new. Clubhouse is the same format as radio and podcasts. The only difference is the absence of recordings after the end of the conversation, and the still limited access. Although in fact the social network records the conversations, it simply does not provide access to these recordings yet, "Naraz Grynyk explained.

Therefore, in order to attract as many people to the "club" as possible, you need to be an active user of it, create rooms, communicate with the audience, raise topics in which you consider yourself an expert, and openly answer questions.

A link to an online store, website or other platforms can be left in the profile description.

Sell ​​"tickets" for your own and other people's broadcasts

In the Clubhouse, you can create private rooms that you enter by invitation. This function allows you to use the social network as a platform for exclusive information. Speakers can announce events on open air or other social media by setting a "room entry" fee. That is, businessmen, psychologists, teachers and other experts in their field can use the social network as a platform for conducting trainings and lectures.

Nazar Grynyk is convinced that the new platform is most relevant for those who have enough content: for podcasters, radio presenters, musicians, TV presenters, and opinion leaders in various fields. And the winner is the one who has the content that is unique, fresh, and enough to publish at least daily.

If you have nothing to tell the audience, it doesn't matter either. You can become an organizer of such broadcasts to which you will invite interesting people. On what conditions you agree to work: for a rate or for a percentage of the "tickets" – it depends on you.

Make money on native advertising

The word "advertisement" annoys most people, but not when it is native.

A good one is considered to be a "native" one that an ordinary user does not recognize as an advertisement. It can be actively used during events. And the more popular you become on the social network, the more advertising offers you will receive.

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The media also report that the creators of the new social network are planning to build targeted advertising into the application, as well as a system of donations to the authors of "clubs" and individual "rooms".

Moderate and record

In addition to the broadcast organizer, other new clubhouse professions are emerging. The most popular and valuable among them is the moderator. During major events, it is difficult for a speaker to simultaneously keep the audience's attention and follow those who wish to speak, add / remove users, and so on. For this, a moderator is needed who will monitor the raised "virtual hands" and be responsible for organizing the broadcast. If there is not one, but several speakers, then such a person is simply vital.

The cost of the moderator's services depends on the experience and skills in conducting events. According to Forbes, in-demand moderators at the Russian-speaking Clubhouse earn $ 200-2000 per hour, depending on the audience. Some inventive representatives of such a new profession also manage to receive additional income: for example, during large events with investors, they take a coin or two so that a specific question reaches the speaker.

Another profession is the clubhouse secretary. This person can take notes from broadcasts with valuable information (lectures, trainings), and then sell them to those who wish.

Promote others for money

If on Instagram, TikTok, Telegram SMM managers were of particular value, then in this network you can try yourself as a clubhouse producer. In other words, a person who will promote speakers on the platform, find platforms for speaking, and agree on the client's participation in events.

You can earn money by creating a "tasty" profile description, a content plan for broadcasts and writing a sample speech text. The more work you can take on, the higher the demand for your services will be.

By the way, recently "silent" rooms have become popular in the Clubhouse. These are places where users with similar interests gather and are silent. It is forbidden to talk in such rooms; instead, you need to view each other's profiles and, if you wish, subscribe to people you are interested in. Therefore, a few sentences in the description of your profile are the very clothes on which you are met.

Of course, at a basic level, all these actions can be performed by the profile author himself. He will find "rooms" for himself, he will make a description of the profile, and he will write a plan of performances for the next month. But a speaker who wants to advertise in the Clubhouse often simply cannot do without assistants.

Don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends in the Clubhouse

Oddly enough, but social connections can also be attributed to monetization, more precisely - to deferred one. Clubhouse differs from other social networks in that here the user has the opportunity to personally ask the speaker a question, make an offer, or simply speak out. Considering that the platform is popular among famous personalities (recently, Elon Musk even invited the President of the Russian Federation to talk on the platform), you have the opportunity to say a few words to people who are almost impossible to reach in real life.

Invest time and energy thoughtfully

Will Clubhouse be able to withstand the fierce competition of social networks and even oust Instagram, Facebook and TikTok from the leadership positions?

Nazar Grynyk believes that so far the Clubhouse is mainly a platform for promotion, not for making money.

"In my opinion, the platform is designed more for promotions and advertising than for direct earnings. And again, for Ukrainian speakers and brands, the promo will be interesting when there will be at least a million Ukrainians in this network. In the meantime, this is more of a test platform", Nazar Grynyk is convinced.

In this case, will the application become mega-popular in Ukraine? Eldar Nagorny, CEO of Foxminded Software, founder of the SMS Marketing School, predicts that over time, explosive interest in the service, on the contrary, will subside.

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"Clubhouse is definitely a service that meets modern trends in voice communication, fast online conferences and communication with experts and opinion leaders. It is also of great importance that it was singled out among other similar services by opinion leaders and cult characters like Elon Musk However, over time, the popularity of the service will fade away and there will be a huge number of technical and organizational problems of the system, which are difficult to close at a rapid growth rate," the expert says.

We are talking about the absence so far of an application on Android, a hype, but unproductive system of invitations and the lack of effective moderation of "rooms".

Whether Clubhouse will take its rightful place among popular services and social networks, or will it remain a fashionable "toy for an hour" - it will be possible to talk about this not earlier than in a year or two. However, if the attempt to make money on the social network at its very start does not succeed, for content creators it will still be a valuable and interesting experience.

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