NASA presents first 3D view of Jupiter atmosphere

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Images were created based on data collected by the Juno spacecraft
19:16, 1 November 2021


The scientists have created and shown the first 3D image of Jupiter's atmosphere as NASA reported.

The image was created based on data collected by the Juno spacecraft.

Using the MWR (Microwave Radiometer), scientists investigated the structure of one of the most atmospheric formations on Jupiter, the Great Red Spot. This vortex was first noticed in 1665 and is wider than the Earth.

According to scientists, the Great Red Spot extends 350-500 km into the depth of the atmosphere. This is below the level at which water and ammonia in Jupiter's atmosphere condense into dense clouds. At the same time, zonal eddies around the Great Red Spot reach almost 3,000 km.

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Scientists have also found a relationship between the direction of rotation of vortices in Jupiter's atmosphere and their temperature. Vortices moving in the direction of the planet's rotation are warmer from above and colder from below. Vortices whirling in the opposite direction, on the contrary, are colder from above and warmer from below.

The Juno spacecraft was launched in 2011, and in 2016 it entered the orbit of Jupiter. During this time, the probe made 37 passes near the planet, during which it collected data from under its cloud.

As we reported,  Hubble Space Telescope, in orbit around the Earth, which is a NASA project, took a detailed photo of the dying star CW Leonis.


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