Name of the game is cruelty: Ukraine should say 'no' to contactless animal hunting training

Author : Green Power organization

Source : 112 Ukraine

Do we need a compromise in the form of a contactless animal hunting by the hunting lobby?
23:12, 23 April 2020

animal hunting training
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Do we need a compromise in the form of a contactless animal hunting training by the hunting lobby? Can we come to terms with the fact that tortured, mutilated, mutilated animals will still be in the hands of the engravers?

Dog hunting training is a shame for any civilized society.

Someone offers a compromise by doing it without a contact.

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Contactless animal hunting is the same conveyor of death for animals and the influence of the hunting lobby, which challenged the humane attitude towards animals. We cannot allow this evil even as a compromise.

Five arguments against contactless dag hunting training.

Cruelty in capturing.


Animals or their cubs, injured in traps (loops, etc.), are used under the guise of "salvation;" they are often captured by those who ruin their housing and kill older family members and used as a bait simulator.


Cruel keeping.


Wild animals are kept in cramped cages. Inadequate nutrition and care, a terrible attitude lead to illness, stress, injury, and loss of instincts...

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Contactless violence.


They are used forcibly when training dogs, shoving them in an artificial hole, restricting movement, and making escape impossible. Here, the wild animal gets even more stress from the unknown and constant fright to a heart attack.


Any contactless methods always end with contact.


In Russia, the ban on contact dog hunting  training was a fiction. And zoodefenders record massive cases of cruelty in the use and death of animals on the so-called contactless hunting.

Bill No. 2232, which is now pending consideration in the Verkhovna Rada, completely prohibits it. No compromises. Only a complete ban.

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