Most popular and absurd conspiracy theories of 20th century

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The popularity of all kinds of conspiracy theories is that they simply explain complex processes in politics and economics, linking everything into a single logical chain
23:27, 27 January 2021

Conspiracy theories
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Conspiracy theory is not a product of our time. In the modern sense, they appeared in the era of modern times in Europe, but their roots go back to antiquity. Most conspiracy theories are directed against elites and, despite the frank absurdity of some of them, are still popular today. Let's take closer look at the most common and funniest conspiracy theories of the 20th century.

    Jews rule the world.

A theory promoted by those who seek to foment Jewish hatred. According to it, there is a certain conspiracy of Jews, whose goal is world domination, which is supposed to be achieved through the intellectual "destruction" of European civilization. Confirmation of the conspiracy is allegedly a collection of texts written on the basis of secret meetings of Jewish leaders - "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." Its full version was published at the beginning of the 20th century and was supposed to serve as a proof of the theory. It was quickly proved that the collection was completely falsified. But, despite its falsity, the theory is still popular.

    In fact, the world is ruled by the Reptilians.

One of the most unusual conspiracy theories, which claims that the world is ruled by aliens from other galaxies that look like reptiles in appearance - Reptilians. At the same time, they can take human form, are intellectually developed and come to our planet to rule. According to this theory, they directly or indirectly force world leaders to do their will. The theory became popular thanks to the British speaker and writer David Icke, he claims that the reptilians have ruled our planet from the time of the Sumerian civilization to this day, and, for example, US President George W. Bush, members of the British royal family and Russian President Vladimir Putin - in fact case reptilians.

    Lenin is a mushroom.

Or the mushroom revolution. Or how easily people are willing to believe the most absurd statements when they are broadcast in the media. In 1991, Russian television journalists made a story for one of the programs, which claimed that Lenin was a mushroom. The hoax plot ridiculed the cult of the eternally living leader and got a completely unexpected effect - the people not only believed in the inhuman origin of the Communist leader, but also turned the joke into a full-fledged conspiracy theory. According to this theory, during his lifetime Lenin purposefully turned himself into a mushroom by eating other mushrooms. He did this with the aim of winning the revolution and gaining eternal life, so now, according to the supporters of the theory, Lenin lying in the mausoleum is not dead, he is in hibernation. And a mushroom.

    Hitler did not die, he moved to Argentina. And Angela Merkel is his daughter.

According to this theory, in 1945, Adolf Hitler faked his own suicide and moved to Argentina, where he lived for another 19 years. Allegedly, the escape plan was developed by him personally back in 1943, and according to it, Hitler and Eva Braun flew to Spain by plane, and from there they got to Argentina on a submarine. Later, proponents of this theory developed it to the point that Angela Merkel is in fact Hitler's daughter. But in 2007, supporters of this version had a split - Hitler nevertheless died in 1945, but before that the doctors managed to freeze his sperm, so Eva Braun was able to give birth to a daughter from him. It was allegedly a KGB and CIA operation to create a controlled politician.

    The UN is the shadow world government.

The United Nations is actually created by a secret world government to gain control of international politics, not stabilize it. The organization is based on "Luciferians" (not worshipers of evil, but the followers of the theory that Lucifer is a light-bearing angel), including Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and other world-class politicians ... They created the UN for the conquest of world domination, and the organization is still operating for a reason.

    Ghost astronauts.

Or zero astronauts. According to this theory, the USSR made several unsuccessful attempts to send a man into space before Yuri Gagarin and they died. The data on the dead cosmonauts, according to various versions, from 12 to 14 people, were classified in the USSR. The deaths of Soviet cosmonauts were publicized in the European and American media thanks to an "anonymous source in the upper ranks of the Czechoslovak Communist Party" in the 1960s. And all these tragedies were kept secret so as not to harm the international image of the USSR. Individuals go further in the development of this theory and argue that Yuri Gagarin died on the Moon, and on Earth everyone honored his double.

    Mars is colonized.

This theory states that Soviet and American astronauts landed on Mars. Allegedly, on the eve of the next doomsday, the USA and the USSR in the 60s secretly united to save humanity. The two superpowers made contact with aliens to avoid possible conflicts during the evacuation of mankind to Mars. In the 70s of the twentieth century, the first people allegedly landed on the Red Planet. Proof of this was a comic April Fools' story that aired on English television in 1977. And in 2014, a woman who called herself Jackie, on the air of one of the American radio shows, said that in 1979, while working at NASA, she saw people on Mars.

    The cartoon "Tom and Jerry" is a secret project for the rehabilitation of Jews.

This theory was put forward in 2006 in Iran during a film studies seminar. Iranian leaders followed a logical chain and concluded that the cartoon "Tom and Jerry", which premiered in 1940, was a conspiracy of influential Jews in Hollywood to rehabilitate and shape a positive image of Jews around the world. “Jews were forced to wear yellow stars on their clothes and were called “dirty mice.” “Tom and Jerry” was created in order to change the attitude of Europeans towards mice.

    Global warming doesn't exist.

Proponents of this popular conspiracy theory argue that there is no global warming. As well as evidence that man with his activities caused the melting of glaciers. Allegedly, scientists specially invented global warming in order to receive more funding and spend it at their own discretion. Others argue that the real reason is that, by intimidating us with changes in the atmosphere, governments simply want to tighten control over the population.

    HIV / AIDS is an artificially derived disease.

And pharmaceutical companies make money selling useless drugs. Proponents of this theory believe that pharmacists specifically create supposedly incurable diseases in order to be able to earn money on drugs. And the cure for HIV / AIDS has been around for a long time. Also, pharmaceutical campaigns, colluding with the state, intentionally hinder the development of alternative medicine and medicines from natural ingredients.

Moreover, it is impossible to ignore the conspiracy theory, which appeared at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries and is an attempt to explain the Covid-19 pandemic. And here is a whole complex: the coronavirus was artificially brought out in order to make money. It is a conspiracy against pensioners to destroy those who do not work, money from the budget. 5G towers infect us with the coronavirus. And finally, Bill Gates is personally involved in the emergence and spread of Covid-19 in order to chip humanity under the pretext of treating the virus and reduce the population of the Earth.

As you can see, there are conspiracy theories for every taste, and if you have imagination, each of them can be developed to the point of complete absurdity. Believe it or not, of course, is everyone's personal business, but double-checking the facts and the source of information will never be superfluous.

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