Mission completed: 1+1 Media Group shuts down their English language news portal project

Ukraine Today is confident that our project has fulfilled its mission, which was rather social than business
20:08, 27 December 2016


Ukraine Today - international news project set up by commercial broadcaster 1+1 Media Group - is forced to cease its operations. This is announced by the editorial team on their official website. The portal will continue covering the developments in Ukraine and Eastern Europe until December 30.

The project began in August 2014. Ukraine Today's main purpose was to counter information war waged on Ukraine by Russian propaganda media outlets following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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The launch of Ukraine Today served more of a social purpose rather than business interests. At the time of our launch, there was no public equivalent which could provide the same function.

"We all understand that our company as well as the whole country is going through difficult times. Today, we cannot afford to have a project without a clearly defined business component," said Olexander Tkachenko, CEO of 1+1 media group.

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Tkachenko expressed his gratitude to the whole Ukraine Today team for their contribution not only to the project, but also to the information security of the country.

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Andy Cole

Member since: 28.12.2016

Messages: 1

28 December 2016, 00:09
Having been an active member of several Ukie supporting groups over the last couple of years, including Euromaidanpress, I personally cannot believe that the Ukrainian activists have not even-tried to keep this resource going- It really is the only English Language route to market for news from Ukraine- What the hell happened to crowd funding, and applications to the US and UK for funding assistance- Ukraine infurriates me sometimes, I have travelled their over 20 times, I know lots of Ukrainians- BUT, sometimes you guys just EXPECT people to do things for you because you DESERVE it- No, No, No - Demonstrate to the rest of the World that it is your desire and then they will help- Don't just expect it
Cees Boogaart

Age: 63

Gender: М

Member since: 06.12.2016

Messages: 97

From whence: , Netherlands

27 December 2016, 13:49
too bad, a overall english language site was and is needed, a lot of Ukrainians complain the world doesn't see their struggle for keeping their country independent of the evil empire in north, howwever when I look to my 1200 contacts on different social platforms like FB, I see a growing number of posts in Ukrainian and Russian language and NOT in the world should know, if they can't read those languages ??? I would like to see a Ukraine national broadcast/website-reddit in English, a combination of LIVEUAmap, former Ukraine Today, and Euromaidanpress and . (not on Disqus-FB, first has too many kremlina's, FB is just a wall with posts so not suited for news-search AT ALL) On my dutch blog and reddit/site I have headlines of a lot of Ukraine news site in english with google translate into 113 languages and now also Ukraine news in Ukrainian and Russian and other languages which with google chrome also translate into 113 languages.
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